Few quick things

1) One of our photographers from our wedding submitted a picture of ours with a little info about our wedding to a wedding magazine in SLO and they did a feature on us. The magazine is called California Weddings and it will be out in an april edition of The Tribune. It will also be on racks and will be available at The Tribune offices in SLO and Paso Robles.

Close family, you need to help Jeffrey and I shnag a few copies for us, some of his family members and send one to Barbs please.

2) We are still looking for a few quotes for the wedding DVD. We have received some but if you still want to play in the competition just send us something. Remember, if you’re quote is chosen to go on the cover you will get a copy of our “2 disc special limited edition” wedding DVD with all its special features (commentary, a photo slide show, interviews etc) – of course, that’s only if you want it. =)

Those of you who couldn’t make it to our wedding, you can send a quote about how much you KNOW You missed out!!!! hahahahah and of course if your quote gets chosen you too may receive a copy from us.

We are looking for 2 quotes total for the cover.

3) AND, some people have told me you want to purchase a copy. It makes me laugh, but thank you. The sets will be $25. You can pay me via paypal and I will send it with our big payments directly to our videographer for $20, $2.50 is for the DVD cover designer, Summer, and $2.50 is for the packaging and shipping it to you, we are not looking to make a profit from this. We are flattered that you want our DVD in your collection. lol So just let me know if you want a copy and when they are done I’ll let you know and we’ll order all of them at the same time.

These will be out probably in late spring / early summer

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  1. Just got off the phone with my San Diego office – My official trip date is set!
    BrightEyes gets to go to San Diego the weekend of Sept 13th!!
    We MUST find skarioke.
    The countdown begins….

    • I will see in you 176 days…….ish
      I will scope the area for a skarieokie joint worthy of our presence, I shall also try these places out for a good enough list to chose from, its so hard to find anyone that can even remotely compare to the Karaoke God!!!

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