I had orientation today for Esthetician school and begin tuesday. I’m so excited!!!! We start working on clients our 4th week and I got my kit today, well my LUGGAGE of fun stuff to play with!!! hhahahahaha. Make up kit, facial stuff, all kinds of goodies.

My goal is to successfully go and pass school, get certified and find a place to work quickly so i can be done STGA. I’ve been shlupping beverages for the caffeine deficient for 3 years and (counts) 8 months. I wanted to move here and not transfer, but obviously that was not the case. I do have my health benefits right now, so I can get some stuff done and whatever but when I leave the green apron Cleveland and I have decided to just get health insurance from an insurance company vs. through a job it will be easier to move with because of the entertainment field we are in / want to be in. I should be done by early September, I want to find a position shortly after and be done at the green apron. my time there needs to be done.

Smurf n Jenn n baby samuel are no longer going to move at the end of May. A few financial things happened so its just not going to work right now, I know they’re upset by I told Jenn that no matter what they did if it wasn’t supposed to happen yet, it wasn’t going to. They’re fine, I know but I know how disappointment feels.

We filed our taxes and owe for federal. doh! but its not alot and we get some money back from state, which is nice – its not alot, but every bit helps as we live from check to check right now.

Cleveland bought me Enchanted two nights ago and we will watch it tonight. It came out around Thanksgiving and we didn’t get to see it, (cry cry cry) so i’m SUPER excited to finally see it!

Helping Caitlin (wifey) plan her wedding is coming along smashingly and sister is helping me plan her bridal shower and i’m working on her bachelorette party, so yay.

Our house needs to be cleaned better, I know I don’t dust enough, I know no one else will do it. bla bla bla.

I have some projects I’m still working on too, so I’m staying busy and that feels good and productive.

I’m going to the gym more, that also feels good and I have a new favorite dressing. Gerards Light Champagne.


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    Now that I’ve built it up you’ll probably thoroughly dislike it. Hah. But think of me because tomorrow I’m going to watch it with my friend Melissa for the first time and I’m quite excited. 🙂

  2. Just to clarify…
    Clearly it’s MELISSA’S first time watching it. I phrased that quite confusingly.

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