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que the excerpt from Annie “I think I’m gonna like it here!!”

Started Esthetician school today. There I was in ALL white, hair down, light makeup. Since orientation was saturday I already knew the girls in my class but our Theory class is with all the Esthetician students, so there was more people and that’s fine, i’m not shy. We had to introduce ourselves – guess who went first, guess who made the nervous and shy people (I counted 3) feel comfortable and guess who wasn’t afraid to ask questions. yay. Its good to be doing something for ME that I like and am eager to learn more about. Today we learned how to do a simple cleanse, and yes we just went through the motions on a dummy for now. Dumby? anyway! But it was still fun and we start practicing on each other next week to do stuff, yes – even waxing! haha!! and we start working on clients our fourth week. I can’t tell you how I wish some of you female friends of mine would be near so I could practice on you. I have to have a ‘model’ next saturday to do a European Facial on and I think I’ll have to ask someone with whom I work, since here I don’t have any lady friends. We’ll see, they’re all supportive of me going but their not really my “friends” so I don’t want that to be wierd for them, you know?

I may or may not stay STGA until Im’ finished. I just feel DONE there. I don’t care about things, and as any employee anywhere should care about the people and environment and quality – I just don’t. The biggest head honcho, Howard Shultz, will be in the “San Diego Area” this thursday and friday, guess who doesn’t care? That’s right! ME. And guess who has to stay late wednesday to scrub the floors, ME. I told the Bossman, Dan, he hated me and I even asked why. He had some funny come backs then when he saw I didn’t want to play along, he said it had to be done and it just so happened I was scheduled to close. So instead of being done at 11pm, I will be there til midnight. I hate it. whatever. I’m trying to remember that we are all pulling more hours because our ASM, whom I really like, is out with a back injury. I’m okay with a 4 – 4.75 hour shift, its the 8 hours of coffee that make me not care about anything. AND I’m trying to keep in mind I will be done there soon. That right now I DO have health benefits, and that’s good and I do enjoy my discount and I still get 1lb of coffee free a week. I’m trying to remember that not every customer is a jerk, its actually only a few. But when you feel done – everything seems worse somehow, you know?

I’m going to have a schedule that is 8am – 2:30 school, then gym, then STGA 7pm ish – Close most nights of the week. I will probably also work sundays and mondays. So no real COMPLETE days off, which may or may not take its toll and depending on how it goes I will take a sunday or monday away from my availability for work. We all need recovery days and since i’m not a mom 24/7 I can opt for a full day off if I want.

We went to the zoo for Easter, we have membership passes for the Zoo and Wild Animal Park and can go whenever we want, and then had dinner with his parents and played Mind Trap. Ever heard of it? I had never heard of it, but it was actually pretty fun. lol I think that will become the game we always play over there. Sometimes we play Yahtzee (sp?) or Scene it, but ….meh, I like this one the best. They like to visit and play games when we go over there. They don’t drink coffee, or alcohol so when we visit its normally food and games. It’s fine, it’s cool – i like it.

My birthday coming up, April 17th. I have mixed feelings about it. I won’t get to see any of my friends and family so a part of me doesn’t care for it to come. But I will tell you this, if you are my friend or related to me I have a request. If you are going to wish me a happy birthday, will you send me a real card, via snail mail? I know the internet is easier and a quick message on my phone is simple, but…it gets lonely here and the only mail I get are bills, yay and I won’t get any real interaction with you. I’m not opposed at ALL to online happy birthday wishes, and i will love it and appreciate it still, of course! Its always nice to be showered with messages that way, just something I wanted to throw out there.

So, right now I’m in a pretty good place I guess. Cleveland and I are fine, we have mini fights but nothing drastic or horrible. Money is tight, as always, but we’re going to get rid of cable (one tear) for now and try to cut back in other places as well. We don’t really eat out or anything, so I’m not sure what we’re going to cut back on, lol, but we’re going to try!!

Also this year I would like to record the songs I’ve written, provided I can still play them ahahahahaha, and perhaps let people have them. My ultimate goal has never been to have a record deal and go on tour, but I do write sometimes and I would like to have them and allow my friends and family to also have them.

So that’s that. Thank you.

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