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SO. I go to school Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 2:30pm and work most nights 6:15pmish – 11(close). although this seems easy enough, I no longer like going into work and I don’t make enough money. Minimum wage is moving to $8.00/hour (right?) Starbucks normally starts people off higher than that so they can say that have “competitive wages” and all these great perks. The only great perk about starbucks is opting for health benefits if you average 20 hours a week each quarter. I don’t need the pound of coffee a week, I get it and give them away. I don’t buy stuff there to often to utilize my 30% discount or 40% during the holiday season. And I don’t drink caffeine like an addict so I don’t really have many free beverages while i’m there. I can have free beverages from a half hour before, then through my shift and up until a half hour after my shift is over. And back to that $8.00/hour thing, I make a little more than a dollar more an hour after working for them for 3 years and 8 months. Yes we get tips, but they’re not great. You know when you go to a bar you normally tip, like, a dollar per drink? well its like $.05 a drink here at the green apron.

We worked on our budget, or lack there of last night. we have to bring home about $2500 a month for rent, utilities, groceries and bills. No fun money. Period. I bring home about $550 of that. He gets about $300 from PetCo and have run out of his student loan for the semester and he does not get paid from any theaters any time soon. He starts in Santa Rosa in May and won’t get paid from there until June. So, that leaves us up the creek without a paddle, doesn’t it.

THEREFORE I have to make a change so we can earn more money. I either have to switch from Daytime school, to night school (mon-fri from 5pm – 10pm, and i wouldn’t graduate as early, but that’s fine) and get a more fulltime/daytime/office/hotel (ACK) kind of job. Or stay at daytime school and get a different job that can be more like…4pm – 10pm/11pm (still tiring, but not starbucks – a nice change of ANY kind) Or cashiering at something like a bed bath and beyond for a few months. But something has to change. What I know I don’t want to do is clean toilets, mop the floor, make coffee, offer to warm up a pastry, or work in a restaurant of ANY kind in ANY position. No bartending, no hostessing, nothing in a restaurant. – SUGGESTIONS WELCOME

All I do is stress, have mild anxiety attacks, cry and lose sleep. Then I go to school and those feelings stay at bay. They exist but they don’t take me over. Then I leave and it overwhelms me once I get in my car.

I don’t really know what to do right now. I don’t feel at a total loss, I’m just frustrated and disappointed and need to fix stuff and don’t know how i’m going to do it.

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  1. I really think you should look for something in management of some kind. Retail? You’d be fabulous at that because you can sell really well. I’m pretty sure you’ve sold me some things in my life, but then again I’m an easy target. :-/
    By the way, I know in my deepest depth of my heart that you and Jeff will be fine. Wonderful, in fact, and I love you both terribly. Stay as sane as possible and call if you need to.

  2. I’m sorry it’s so hard right now. If I had any ideas, trust me, I’d be using them myself!
    Have you thought about something like this?
    Maybe freelance…offer your services as a Gal Friday or something…

  3. Those hours are tough–if night school started even at 6:00 it would be easier, but 5:00 makes it harder, since a lot of better paying jobs are 8:00 – 5:00.
    That said, you might see about signing up with a temp service to do administrative assistant type work. Often they will train you, and the pay is relatively good–I think I got $11/hour doing that at a time when the minimum wage was $6.50 or so, though that was in San Jose during the dot com boom; the following year I had trouble finding similar work for even $9/hour in Sacramento even though I had experience, so markets can be very different in different places and times.
    If you can work until 5:00, you can probably get some good gigs. If you can work until 4:00 there may still be full time options. I bet there are a number of part time options as well. Because it’s a temp service you may not get work as regularly as you’d like, but there are opportunities to do “temp” work for long stretches of time, and the more reliable YOU prove to be, the more reliably you will be given work. A lot of places also do “temp to hire” stuff where they just want to give you a trial run before they hire you on as a normal employee (with higher pay, probably) so temping can be a foot in the door.
    There are various temp agencies–there’s ManPower and I think one called Kelly Services or something. There are probably others too. It’s probably worth going to talk to someone at at least one place to see what their take is on your schedule and current skill set.

  4. I really like Zannie’s idea of temp work, but that is not always steady income.
    I wonder how much someone gets paid to work @ a make-up counter @ Nordstrom?
    I would say choose an industry that has products that you like and then go from there?
    No more Hotels!
    I can check and see if ACS in San Diego has any open jobs?
    Maybe do a search on Career Builder for work with a non-profit company, they often have flexible hours.

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