last few days

Tuesday April 15 2008 = my first day on the floor as an Esthetician Student. I did and eyebrow wax, lip wax, chin wax and European Facial. It was pretty cool.

Wednesday (yesterday.ish.) April 16, 2008 = My LAST Day Sporting The Green Apron.

That’s right people after 3 years and 9 months I left the company you all know as Starbucks. You may ask questions if you like, about me, about the store, about the policies, about how to order. But if you’re over it – believe me, I know what you mean.

Have a great day.

Thursday April 17, 2008 = my birthday. One more year and I start lying about it. This weekend I’m going to celebrate by going to Medieval Times (my happiest place on earth) with Katie and Robin, both from the green apron. Jeffrey will be working, so he won’t be coming to play

John Mayer tix for the Mid State fair go on sale for fans 4.18 for July and he’ll be in Irvine that same week – I’ll have to see what I can do to get there. I haven’t seen him since October 2006.

For those of you here at LJ – do you remember all those entries about john? I’d analyze his songs, I’d tell you what concerts I’d been too, what he played where I was and that I now have the CD from the same concert. Remember how Adam-from-the-band-I-brought-home was friends with John’s trumpet player, so I got to see him for free and how disappointed I was that I didn’t get to go backstage. Member how I won tickets on the radio (Friday April 25 2003) and PS I have the recording the was played on the radio on a CD now – Jeffrey made it all pretty for me from the tape cassette I had – remember tape cassettes. Remember my FIRST John concert (August 15 2002) and how long winded, but specific, that story is/was because I was in the front row 3 feet away from him. Remember how I’d tell you where he was when he was on tour? Remember when I was trying to win tickets on Star98.7 by calling when they played a song by him and I had to be the 98th caller and how I posted which numbers I was.

Thank you LJ listeners / readers for your support and slight head shaking during my time of obsession and please note, this in no way is me saying goodbye to those time, or giving up on more of them. =) If anything I’d like to tell you that my last day at Starbucks was John’s 1/2 birthday. Don’t you just love useless John trivia??

That’s all, thanks.

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  1. happy birthday! Hope you get the green knight, he’s awesome!

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