I went to medieval time last saturday for my birthday!!!!! The story line has changed so it was nice to not know what was going to happen, my excitement was all over the place along with my bad accent due to my two tokyo teas. I find it more difficult to speak normally when I drink than it is to just speak in my british…australian…cockney accent. I went with Robin and Katie from the green apron and they even said “happy birthday to aiyani” with the other celebration announcements. SOOOOO cool.

Jeffrey and I had a long conversation about him making decisions without me. not the decisions like “we’re having chicken for dinner” i mean the staying in Vista longer than I imagined part. Jeffrey is attending SDSU and told a director from a Junior college (whom also contracts himself out to professional theatre companies) that he was thinking of returning to the junior college next year to sound design so he could enter a contest. (I don’t remember what its called its a very long title). I later brought to his attention that he left the junior college, sound designed for professional theatre, will have his degree and has been contracting himself out as a professional sound designer for the past year, with jobs lined up through the summer and returning to the junior college to enter a contest with no guarantee he will win without consulting me about staying here to do it – was disrespectful and made me feel like I don’t count. There is a much longer version of this story but, you get the point.

I’m working on clients on the floor at school doing facials and waxing and its AWESOMEly fun.

I am jobless, and interviewing for some hotel positions. I know I swore to myself I’d never return, however it is one of the few industries that offer evening work and that’s the goal. to stay in the daytime class and work at night. I did call a couple temp agencies but all of the work they provide is more of a monday – friday 8am – 5pm thing. As I continue to interview I will keep in my mind my last option is of course to switch to night classes. Which are mon-friday 5pm – 10pm allowing me to work in the daytime. We shall see, its really been nice not working in a coffee shop anymore though – REALLY nice.

Talked to my auntie barbs tonight for a couple hours. love talking to her.

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