sugar high drives

For years I have been slightly consumed with the idea that I could guess a person’s personality, or better understand the kind of person they are based on the ice cream they loved / their favorite. And for the most part I do really well with it. Taking a look at myself my favorite for my ENTIRE life has been:

Mint n Chip

Not to be terribly confused with Mint & chocolate chunks, or peppermint with chocolate chip swirl or any variation on the theme. I’m talking Thrifty’s Mint n Chip Ice cream (Thrifty’s has since been taken over by Rite Aid but you can still buy the Thrifty brand, if you find it). Cold stone has a very VERY sweet base for the their mint ice cream to which I can request chocolate chips be added and they accommodate and I enjoy it, but mind you those were whole chips, not chopped, sliced, or diced chips – and don’t get me STARTED on places that put carobs as a topping (mostly frozen yogurt places) I mean that’s up there with blasphemy if you’re going to offer me a carob and call it a chocolate chip, don’t cross that line!!!! Dryers and Bryers lean towards a white ice cream that is mint flavored with chocolate shavings, and never enough of them. Plus their ice cream tends to remind me of ice milk. its not nearly as cream, in fact its a bit thin and flaky in its substance. It is the “posh” version the “upper scale” version of the sugar induced old time favorite. Their are generic brands that your grocers freezer will sell, the “albertson’s mint n chip” isn’t bad, but melts fast – and some days thats nice. some days i like my ice cream partially melted, so I’ll let it sit there. There are ice cream store that sell their option Ghirardeli Ice Cream, Baskin Robins (many many chocolate chip shavings, this is good but it lacks the crunch of the chocolate chip, its been sliced so thinly – but again, they try to make up for it by adding more of them, points given, and validation approved), Bernardoz ice cream (for those of you who remember it in “the village” or “Old arroyo” it is now Doc Bernstein’s to my knowledge) had a great color and texture but lacked in the chocolate chip to ice cream ratio, but you could at least count on chunks of the chips. they were cut rectangularly but it worked. And even nowadays you can find a good frozen yogurt if you’re trying to cut back on the ice cream itself – but lets not go there. The ice cream used in ice cream cakes or sandwiches is also off limits because it too is subject to brand and you have to factor in the other parts that you are getting with your ice cream (ie the cake, or the sandwich sides). Then there are those that don’t bother with trying to come up with a good Mint : chip ratio and simply make something similar but call it something different. A good example of this is Ben n Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chunk. A bad take on this Mint Chocolate Cookie (shakes head) I don’t want oreos with my mint ice cream, somehow its wrong (this could be part of my personality study…..bringing the original idea back into the fold) it screws with texture and flavor too much.

So taking into consideration the different types, textures, flavors, over all presentation (this includes color), and what one might be looking for in an ice cream, maybe you can see why someone “like me” would give a damn about my specifications when it comes to wanting a good Mint n Chip ice cream, and furthermore maybe you could even see why someone with a similar personality may chose a mint n chip ice cream for dessert, or a snack, or a whatever – whenever


With that in mind, and if you are my friend or family I’m sure you get my personality I’d like you to think about this statement:

Ben n Jerry’s Creme Brule has changed my life forever.

Have a great night.

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