leave a lot at home

My alarm was set for 5am today. I wanted to be on the road by 6am. So you can imagine my surprise when at 7am I awoke to the sound of the garbage truck up the parking lot from my bedroom window. I jumped out of bed and moved my car closer and began loading it up. After looking at everything I was going to bring I didn’t think it was all going to fit. Then I got angry thinking why did I need all of this crap to go with me?? Then I realized. . .that box is for my wife’s wedding (yes wifey=caitlin) that box is for her bachelorette party, that bag has my products in it so I can practice facials while I’m gone, that bag has Miranda!! (new MacBook) that bag has my school books so I can keep studying because upon my return I will have to take many tests, I need my massage table and my scrapbook supplies, that laundry basket with clothes IS necessary and what I’m actually bringing to survive is a small suitcase and a duffle bag of clothes. Even now as I look around the guest bedroom at my dadda’s house I think its not THAT bad. . . is it??? Then I remember it IS for 2 months and i DID / DO need everything here, and I did leave a lot at home.

Ladies in gentlemen I’m in AG until August 5th, let the games begin.

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