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Thursday I went to Harry’s to play with Kevin @ skarieokie and my friend Brian Speaks was going to come down after his show at Farmers (Brian Speaks is a DJ and Karaoke host as well, I met him in Paso a while ago while he was working and loved him so much I told him I was his new best friend – he will also be DJing my Wifes wedding in August, now you know who Brian is. lol, ps. no nickname is necessary. =) )

anyway, Brian was going to come down and then Kevin’s video…something something wasn’t working, and karaoke wasn’t happening yet when I arrived at 9:30pm. But no worries, because Kevin called Brian to save the day, and he did. Although I felt extremely bad for Kevins technical difficulties, it was great having him sit and visit with me instead of working. It was very good for my heart, and I got to visit with Vicki and Tracy too. It was so fun to see Brian, I’m actually a little surprised he recognized me. He had seen me once in person before that and we’ve only spoken on the phone and via myspace since then. Yay! Then we all went to Lenny’s (Denny’s) I haven’t been there in MONTHS, I wasn’t really hungry but I wanted to keep visiting with everyone, so a French Slam was ordered, and I almost finished all of it.

Then Friday Vicki and Kevin and I went to the new Sushi place on Grande Ave in Grover Beach. All you can eat Made-to-Order rolls, among other yummy choices (Teriyaki chicken, tempura, etc etc etc) . SOOOO freaking good I actually 1. produced so much saliva tasting the Volcano Roll I almost drooled and 2. kissed my roll. Needless to say I WILL be going again. Thank you to Kevin and VIcki for inviting me to my new heaven.

Yesterday ran some errands for my wife’s bridal shower tomorrow then went to Paso Robles to hang out with Mr. Speaks and his roommate Big J, we watched a couple movies then I went to sleep, too tired to drive home. That drive isn’t long unless you’re tired – true for all drives I guess. He slept in his living room and let me have his bed and he set his alarm and woke me up at 6am so I could get home and ready for my cousins graduation this morning.

Tonight I see Jack’s play in old arroyo, tomorrow is the wifes bridal shower and skarieokie in Paso. Have I mentioned how much I like being home?

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  1. … I’m sorry. Did you say ALL YOU CAN EAT MADE-TO-ORDER ROLLS???
    We’re so abandoning tradition (Sushi and Teriyaki) for that place. DONE.

  2. So…hi!
    It was nice to see you last night. You are such a great performer, fun to watch and participate with!
    Sergio asked me last night how I met you…and I told him about the first time we met.
    It was at a pajama party that Joel dragged me to…literally the first time he and I met. And I knew no one there…except Joel and Adam, who I’d just met, too.
    I was feeling really shy, and out of place and backwards and all sorts of other wall-flower making thoughts. And he introduced me to you, and you danced with me, included me, and were really sweet and lovely. And had really cute flannel pj’s to boot!
    We’ve never spent any time together since, and I don’t know you well at all, but that impression has stayed with me. When our paths cross, I can’t help but smile and remember what a great person you are. I jus wanted to share that with you.
    As an aside, and not knowing when you’ll get this comment, a bunch of us are going out to the Merrimaker tonight (Friday, 6/27) in Los Osos (Joel, Amy, Holly, Sergio, Jess (I think))…if you’re so inclined, you should come out!

    • Re: So…hi!
      wow. I had forgotten all about how we met. I just know that I know you – lol. I loved that you remembered, and after reading it I also remembered. Thank you for the little walk down memory lane. yay.
      I will not be going out tonight, but thank you – I’m sure we’ll play again soon. Good to see you last night too!

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