The repeated story opening line

Today I went to Farmers Market. First time in. . . a while, I think the last time I went – wait for it, I’ll remember. . .last time I went to Farmers Market. . . nope – I can’t remember. Not the point though.

Today I went to Farmers Market to play karaoke with Mr. Speaks and all those junkies I’ve come to love and know. I remember when me and my friends practically DEFINED the idea, the theory, and the heart of this so called karaoke-kult. However, with no means to offend my “new” karaoke friends everyone has been very welcoming and fun to play with. I see these people at Mongos on tuesdays (only gone a couple times, its wierd cause its not Sunset Dunes, I feel like a trader a bit), I see them at Mr. Ricks on wednesdays, Harry’s on thursdays. . . yes yes – i know i know, almost every night. And if I have the gas in my car, I’ll even go to Downtown Brew in Paso on a sunday or monday to play.

Today I went to Farmers Market and got to hang out with Roger Rabbit (that’s Joshua Tacy for your memories….um…I think he’s Gwydion82 here, there, and everywhere.

Today I went to Farmers Market and sang Music by Madonna, and Holding out for a Hero and the people gathered and applauded. It was fun to be outside and bounce around.

Today I went to Farmers Market and the newest edition to my karaoke junkie family were Cavin and Amanda, met them last night in Avila. And my “Frienemy” Mike was there. The Frienemy is someone we love to hate, and hate to love. We have a silly love/hate relationship based solely on the fact that we give eachother attitude. And I’ve only known him for a couple weeks. Met him at Harry’s. He sings Vanilla Ice – its funny. Mr. Gutter did not come out today – Mr. Gutter has a real name, its Josh and again, a karaoke junkie. He and I sang Cruisin’ the other night at Mongos – so much fun.

Today I went to Farmers Market and my sister-in-law Jenn came out too with Baby Samuel and we went for coffee after then walked around, it was nice.

Today I went to Farmers Market and I ran into Judy and Matt and met little Corwin, he has beautiful blue eyes. Jax came up to me out of no where and I screamed and jumped on him and hugged for a very long time. I hadn’t seen him in about 3 years I think. . . so sad, and I just talked to him online the other day and then BAM there he was in front of me.

Today, after karaoke was done at Farmers Market I hugged Roger Rabbit, then Big J, then Mr. Speaks then walked around with Jenn – its nice feeling so accepted and comfortable. It’s nice sitting at a table and my frienemy comes over to say hi, its nice to get a hug from Cavin and Amanda, its nice to get that handshake from whomever. Its nice to feel like I count – in someone’s life.

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