I hug him and and by the 4th or 5th hug that night he sticks his tongue out and I touch it with mine. gross right?, I guess it should be, but its our “thing”. He will always pull me in and push me away at the same time. I will focus on him with my eyes, then have to roll them. sigh. laugh. sigh. Mr. Speaks.

Another one is the attitude. Our first conversations were something along the lines of “what are you looking at?” which we only said with our eyes. Eventually we would call ourselves freinemies and when I see him I say “ew” kiss him on the cheek and then wipe off my lips in disgust. More than likely followed by a smile and hug. thats our “thing”. Mike-myfrienemy

I hadn’t seen him in a few years and we drank and played and sang, then later we’d walk around farmers market together and I’d tell him everything that was wrong in my life and he would listen. And he would finish my sentences and he makes me laugh, in a parallel universe he should have been the one. But i love him, and us – just as we are. Roger Rabbit.

On another note, its more wonderful when a friend whom you trust and respect tells you he loves you. More than that, he is IN love with you. And the shock and awe that envelopes you is still taken by surprise because he then tells you he believes you’re perfect. He tells you everything he adores and loves about you and its flattering and sad because the timing is all wrong. Because the timing was always wrong, and it may always be. My good friend. It would be unfair to release his name (or nickname for that matter) at this time.

Then there’s the piece of paper that holds me to him. Its no longer a love story I would share with everyone, there are no hearts that pop out of my eyes. I am ignored, I am lied to, he will not communicate with me, he will not try, and therefore – I will not try anymore. he knows who he is.

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