i’ll need a job when I move

To my Central Coast Friends:

I’ll be moving back to the 5 cities area in early November providing I finish school on time.  Missing school for my back hasn’t helped, missing school because my car broke last week while in AG didn’t help BUT I’m pushing through….somehow.  At any rate I will more than likely live with either my mother or dad n step mom for at least 1 month but hopefully no longer than two.  Kitten and I with are looking for a place together as an option.  

My goal is to move out quickly and maintain my responsibilities as an adult and not sit at home and sulk and feel like a failure.  I’m asking you, my friends and family who live there to keep your eyes and ears out for positions that pay $15/hr plus.  I’m fine with returning to hotels, I was good at it.  I’m fine with administrative work and I will also be looking for a spa to work at at least part time once I am licensed.  I may graduate in late october but then I have to take a state board examination. Both a written and practical exam will be required and I do not know my test date yet.  Anything in an office would be fun, I’m interested in accounting but have no official training – I just like the 10 key….hahahaha  I love data entry too.  

I’ve never worked in the food industry but am willing to try it…..well bartending for a year counts I guess but that was 5 years ago, I’d have to learn again probably.  I know that the food industry is normally minimum wage plus tips so Im’ not sure that would be my best bet.  

I am not against attaining two jobs, I’ve done it before I can do it again.  I have to stay on top of my CC payments and student loan payments and car ins and cellular phone etc etc etc.  So if I have something 30-40 hours a week by day, and another position by night, that’s fine – again once I’m licensed as an esthetician hopefully I can work in a spa or something.  Sycamore…Tigerlilly…anything like that

I will probably work with SLO personnel again as a temp as an immediate option

If you have any suggestions or leads please let me know.  I know it’s a bit early as far as time is concerned but if I plant the idea now maybe next month when you hear something you can let me know.  

Thank you.

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  1. I’m glad to hear you’re moving back. Having a support system is a good thing.

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