Focus. Countdown.

I missed an entire week of school because my back was out.  That’s 30 clock hours.  I have to have 600 clock hours in order to graduate.  Including the one saturday I plan on missing, and providing I do not miss anymore school, my last day is November 4th at 12 noon.  

I return to the Central coast the same day I graduate.  Once a clock out, I am getting into my car and coming home-home.  Sometime after that (approx 2 weeks) I will have to take a written and practical state board examination, and pass, in order to get licensed and then seek out a job at a spa or salon.

My birthday is April 17.  

I’m moving to New York May 1st .  

I will be living with my mom in AG from November until I leave for New York.  I don’t know that I will pursue theatre there.  Perhaps, but its not the main reason I’m going.  I’m going because I want to, and because I can.  I always said I would live there at some point.  I’ll give it 2-5 years before I return to CA after all ALL of my family is here ALL of my friends are here.  Antoan will also be moving to CA and it looks like (although we are careful to not count on or assume) we will be living with Ro (Robin Wolf).  She has been there for 4 years now so it will be great to have someone around that already knows where things are.  I will look for an Esthetician position there and maybe another position depending on what kind of money I make.  I’m up for the adventure and the lifestyle.  I’m up for the seasons changing and me using every swear word I can think of when I realize its X amount of degrees below zero.  I’m up for trying a different kind of city life.  I’m excited and looking forward to it.

Vista is still so hard for me every week.  It’s lonely.  And sooner than you think I won’t have any money for groceries nor do I know where I’m gonna get gas money to get to SLOville a couple more times before all my stuff is there.  Once my stuff is there, and all I have with me is a duffle bag of my clothes for a few days, toiletries etc then I won’t be able to come up until I move back.  

Know this:  There will be a birthday / going away party sometime between April 17 and May 1st.  Everyone and anyone will be invited.  The start of a new decade, that’s right folks I’ll be 30 – although once in NY I’ll be 25 again <wink wink>  and a new adventure will be exhilarating and I want to see and hug everyone I know before I go.  More on that as life moves forward, stay tuned, stay close and know that I want you there.  If you live out of town I still want you there, plan a road trip, find others near you and carpool and stay with your friends in SLOville or the 5 cities – I REALLY do want you there.  If you are out of state, you know of course I still want you here, but I know plane rides are more expensive then a couple tanks of gas.  

Current Countdowns (this is being posted after midnight so using the technicality of 9/16/08 :
49 days till I graduate from school and move home-home
100 days till Christmas
106 days till New Years Eve
212 days till my birthday
226 days till I leave for New York

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  1. can you wait a couple more days?
    don’t leave on may 1st
    its my birthday

  2. Be sure to look into whether your license is valid in New York, and if not, what you have to do to get licensed there.
    Sounds like you’ve got an excellent plan in the making!

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