Before the cool done run out I’ll be giving it my bestest

I have nothing to report.

There are obvious times when I blog that I have something I need to say or want to say.  Something to vent about, something to brag about, something I need advice for, something I feel needs to be heard by someone in particular or by the masses that refer to this blog daily in hopes I have let them further into my life by using certain isms, sayings and quotes – that’s not a bad thing, that’s not a complaint.   

There are times when I just want to sit here and write about what I’ve learned in Esthetician school but think – meh, if you wanna know you can ask.

There are times when I want to look around my house and write down what I see and how packing is coming along – blah.

I feel like I should respond to those who have emailed me their advice, left their comments etc.  I should acknowledge how so many of you came out of the woodworks to help me and encourage me during a very dark and lonely and difficult time.  And although I am not necessarily in that hole anymore, climbing out is taking time and patience and strength I didn’t think I had.  Strength I’m hoping will encourage me to show off a little leg later when I feel super confidant in myself again.  And strength that I hope will leave me more readily available to take a hit when I’m down like that – if I’m down like that ever again….

But then I pretty much think – if It’s not going to be interesting, or some kind of release that I need to get off my chest or off my mind – it won’t be worth it.  

I want to reach out there and tell you a great thing:  "I am doing well" aside from having $0 money, no job and little to eat.  I have water and the girls at school are very caring (these are ALL new girls and we get along SO much better than I did before my leave of absence), and helpful and I’m not going to die of starvation or anything like that right now.  

So instead, I’ve decided to leave you with this:

In the bestest, most positive way I can think of. ….in which I can think::::: In the most honest fashion I can fathom and by far the best thing I’ve heard myself say in MONTHS:

"Look Out Tucson!!!"

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    • In the movie, Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion they decide to drive from Los Angeles to Tucson where their reunion is. One the fun mix tape is in the player and their off Michele yells out “Look Out Tucson”. Its sort of a “here we come and we rock” sort of thing. A sort of “we’s gonna kick your ass” kind of thing. A sort of, fun – thing.

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