T Minus Five

That’s right folks. In five day I will be leaving Vista to come back / go back to the Central Coast; AG specifically to live with mommie while I financially recover from the fiasco that has been this year.  I took my "Mock Board" today and passed – this is good.  My teacher watched me perform a series of procedures  on a doll I call Beatrice.  And when I say "doll" i mean a manaquin (sp?…whatever) and when I say Beatrice I mean I named her at that moment.  I graduate on Tuesday November 4th and take my State Board Examination two weeks later on tuesday November 18th.  Gives me time to settle in at my mommies house, get drunk a couple times with friends, perform a wedding ceremony for a teacher I had at PCPA – awesome!!!!, and look for a job, and of course – go see Mr. Man. =)

I have little to offer you at this point, most of my stuff is packed up and ready to put in my car…in 2 days.  When I wake up saturday November 1st and leave my "dorm" in Vista and go to school I’m done with the apartment.  Janet, a girl at school, has offered her home to me for the weekend so that I am not homeless and showerless come tuesday.  Then tuesday after I clock out, sometime between 1pm and 2pm I hug the girls, my teachers, do a final tap dance for the Cosmo’s (cosmetology girls) and get in my car…and drive home.

It hasn’t totally hit me yet, but I know when I hug a few people I may start to cry.  These girls have been really great to me upon my return from AG when I was gone over the summer.  All of them were new to me.  There were only about 3 or 4 girls that I knew when I got back and the rest were all new but they all embraced me and welcomed me back and treated me like an equal – some even looked up to me, that was flattering.  

In other news and to slightly recap:

The weekend of October 11, 12 & 13 Mr. Man drove in from his home in Newark, CA and stayed in SLOville and we were together the whole weekend.  The following friday October 17th (that’s my half birthday) he flew out to see me.  Catch that folks. . . FLEW out to see me.  We had a great weekend and I took him to the airport on monday. . .then. . 3 days later he decided he missed me and flew out again on thursday October 23 and left sunday so he could be at work monday morning at 7am.  And now its wednesday and I won’t see him again in person until friday november 14th.  I kind of miss him.   I like the space, but still; none the less – I kind of miss him.   

This man literally sweeps me off my feet when I see him.  He just picks me up off the floor like….like its nothing.  This man looks at me the way no other man has….and I’ve stared at him just to make sure.  I don’t know what he sees, and sometimes when I get the guts to ask him, his answers are….better than wonderful, better than what I could ask someone to say, better than any line I’ve ever given a guy to say to me at any point.  

I …un-controllably like him, better than any boy or guy I’ve ever liked and differently as well.  Stay tuned. =)

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  1. which teacher is getting married?

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