the return of a princess

Ladies and Gents:

I have arrived.  I got to my mommies house in AG at 8:15pm last night.  Unloaded my car, had spaghetti and fell asleep on the couch by 10pm.  I woke up to mommies coffee maker going off at 5am…she hadn’t changed the clock yet so the coffee maker normally won’t go off til 6am.  Then I heard my brother R.i.k. and my mommie getting ready for school and work so I just woke up, put my robe on had a cornbread muffin and some coffee.  I’ve been awake ever since with no naptime in sight…Booooo.  I’ll be at Mr. Ricks tonight for karaoke fun and drinks – I plan on letting my friends get me HAMMERED. hahahah

If you live here – we are going to hang out again, and I can’t wait!!! 

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  1. jeff and I are going to be home for like a month during christmas time, I’d love to get in on some karaoke action!!!

  2. It was awesome to see you! I really enjoyed the All That Jazz number, and it made me think… why don’t I have friends like that?

    • oh yay!!!!!!! And I know we spoke about me coming to play with dancing – but for sure I was drunk…I’m sorry, please point me in the direction to come take lessons and dance and play and be merry.

      • Sundays have lessons at Cal Poly from 2-3, then we dance at Mothers from 3-6
        Monday nights at the Madonna 8-11, with no lesson
        Saturday night blues at Cal Poly 8-? with a lesson except this Saturday, because there is a special workshop, and a dance that night at the Chumash, which should be lots of fun.
        Everything at Cal Poly usually happens in room 225 in the architecture building.
        Last friday of the month at the Grange Hall in SLO is the SLO Swingout 7-11 with a lesson.

  3. Its good to have you back kiddo….
    Even though you are still 200 miles away, I feel you so much closer than you were before. I miss you terribly.

    • Re: Its good to have you back kiddo….
      oooooooooo…..kiddo???? I don’t think so guy. But I’ll tell you what – that’s your free-bee. No more kiddo okay? And Its good to be back, it feels different and a little better. Even though I came home a lil chunkier – that’s what happens in my kind of depression mode….I eat. But I’m gonna start walking with boyfriend (jenn) which will hopefully turn into jogging and I’ll bring along Junie B (the dog) and maybe hiking with my mom. . . .but uh – ….kiddo?…no deals guy, Have a great day. =)

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