yah he’s 6’1″ @ 16

R.i.k. turned SIXTEEN 2 days ago on December 12th.  16 years ago my older sister and younger brother were at the hospital with my mommie and dadda.  I was 14 and was wearing my hair back in a ponytail and my hypercolor sweatshirt (member those?)  I remember people thinking Rik was my sisters son.  She was 17 then.  it was kind of sad that that was such a common thing then, and even more common now.  We just rolled our eyes then.  He was such a good babester and we all helped each other out taking care of him.  He always wanted to watch Ferngully or Free Willy when he was about 2 years old.  They were both on VHS and he needed us to "Brewind it Forward" so he could watch them again.  He could sing the whole song Will You Be There by Michael Jackson.  He also liked watching The Mask.  His favorite snack was gold fish crackers.  There are "sleepy time" pictures of us as siblings all piled together.  Every christmas we’d sleep in one room together even up until Rik turned 14 we would stay together.  Then 3 of us 4 siblings got married in 2006 so we decided as long as we were under one roof it was okay. hahaha.   Now 2 of the siblings are getting divorced and sister wants to sleep in her own house Christmas Eve and come over first thing in the morning.  Things will change as we get older, somethings will stay the same.  Pictures we take together are always in the same order, well normally.  =)  The siblings are all very close and very supportive of each other and a fun part of all of this is our height range from shortest to tallest is oldest to youngest.

He’ll have his driver’s license by Christmas, but he’s still a babester for me.  And his 21st birthday?. . .Vegas baby, Rockstar Style.

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