The Short-Short Version:: Do you? – yes, Do you? – yes, good you’re married kiss her.

 Since I’m prone to forgetting things so easily as I suffer from a self proclaimed version of short term memory loss I’m going to write a list.  Yes a list.  The list will say what I’ve been doing the past week so I can go back later and write a normal short version, or the long version – we all know how lengthy these can be, we all know how I can write…foreeeeeevvverr.  (thank you sandlot) Now remember I don’t have George (my camera as I lost him wednesday

friday 12/19:  left to Newark, CA with Mr. Man, took a nap had dinner with his dad and step mom, beef stew – yum.   bedtime back at his house

saturday 12/20:  slept til 11am, yay. went back to his dad’s house and his step mom made us breakfast. sausage, fried eggs and toast. yum then to the city a bit then – saw Phantom of the Opera at the Orpheum – wow.  

sunday 12/21:  slept ALL day cause I was still under the weather, had been for a week or so (slight cold blah.) woke up had baby bell cheese watched Gladiator then Fight Club, fell back asleep during Fight Club though – meh.  

monday 12/22:  came home, dadda BBQ’d for Rik’s birthday (12/12  = he turned 16) WAY yum

tuesday 12/23:  dinner with Mr. Man, Mr. Gutter and BoyfriendJenn at Rosas and a bit of skarieokie at Mongos

wednesday 12/24:  babysat honeybear from about 2pm – 6pm. then took him over to dadda’s house for dinner, brought him back to mommies house for sleepytime so he could have Christmas morning with us.  Then went to Alex’s BBQ in Shell Beach to celebrate with my wife Caitlin and my husband-in-law Jared.  

thursday 12/25:  Merry Christmas.  All the Mersai kids, baby samuel (honeybear) and mommie wore our Christmas shirts Auntie Barbs made for us last year and dadda came over.  This year was not about making mom cry – it was different in alot of ways, and still great.  Then to Mr. Man’s house, he played his guitar for me, took a nap (since I got 4 hours of sleep ish having gone out and woke up early to the sound of the babester) woke up at 5pm with a sore throat, like it hurts when I swallow. boo.  Helped Mr. Man switch rooms in the house he lives in, fell asleep in a recliner chair

friday 12/26:  I have acquired strep throat and go see Dr. Gary Foresman at Middle Path Medicine and he gives me a prescription for antibiotics.  I get a fever and the chills and I’m in bed, drinking or eating anything – hurts.

saturday 12/27:  its worse

sunday 12/28:  its the same

more to come.

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  1. “You’re killing me, Smalls.”

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