2008 in Review


I was living in Vista with Jeffrey and my brother Smurf (Ben), his wife at the time Jenn and their son baby Samuel came to visit for a week and we ate Panda Express, went to the pool, watched movies, watched HOUSE, made dinner, had fun little cocktails and went to Sea World. I had a year pass, this was the only time I actually went though. My brother the Smurf also turned 21 and we went out drinkin’ and had fun shots like Oatmeal Cookies, Volcan Mind Eraser, Liquid Cocaine, and Surfer on acid to name a few. January also held a time for Caitlin, my wife, to pick out her wedding dress. Whheeeee!!


Caitlin Elaine Gaudrealt Henninger was in full bride mode and planning a wedding and had chosen the dress her bridesmaids would wear, I got to be present and the "manaquin" when she picked out the dresses. No they did not fit, yes because I was larger then the dress – but it was all good. I also gave blood and almost passed out after I thought I was okay to leave. I had sat in the corner and had snacks, felt like I was going to throw up, went outside, turned a pale color of yellow-green then had to lay back down and was continuously asked to keep my eyes opened. I eventually could sit up, hang my feet over the edge and walk. The rest of the day I spent not moving – I scored a biohazard bag though cause I thought I was going to puke. I am Blood Type O+, which means I can donate to all the "+" bloods (O- is the one that can donate to everyone) Glad I can help, and I try to do it 2 – 3 times a year as long as I’m healthy. This particular month John Mayer was spied on and pictured sporting a Borat speedo and all my friends sent it to me, thanks guys.


My wife caitlin and her fiance Jared hosted a BBQ potluck at a park in SLO as an engagement party so their families could meet, drink and be merry, before they got married. Great idea. She also got her dress in and tried it on for the first time, gorgeous. It was sick. I got to have dinner with Jason and Nicole Champeau with their son Aaron Vincent. Vicki and Tracy had birthdays and celebrated at Yanagi’s. Jeffrey and I got passes to the Wild Animal Park (again I only used this pass once) and I saw Polar Bears. At the end of this month I began my schooling at the Palomar Institute of Cosmetology to become an Esthetician. There were five girls total in my class, and we kind of didn’t get along. Well – I got along the best with Jennifer H. everyone else just sort of clashed with me. meh.


I gave my two weeks notice to the Green Apron, ending my time at 3 3/4 years in service to the caffeine deficient. Two ladies with whom I worked, Robin Machinkski and Katie Roy, took me to Medieval Times on my birthday marking my 12th visit. Above is Travis, he’s my favorite knight – he always remembers me. The other ones do too(ish), but he’s still my favorite.


My friend Adam-from-the-band-I-brought-home invited me to Lightning in a Bottle put on by the Do Lab. It was in the middle of nowhere. He got me a ticket in for the weekend, of which I only went for the day. It was very Hippie, very Hempy. . .a kind of Woodstock feel. I arrived around 10:30am, he arrived with his band around 4:30pm, they played I watched and danced then we walked around for a few hours and I drove he and a bandmate back to San Francisco. We got there around 3am and I left for the Central coast around 11am, stayed the night then back to Vista the next day. Hello Mileage. This was also the month I decided I may need to escape to home in AG for the summer due to a Marital Timeout and my self destructive behavior.


I was approved for a 60 day leave of absence from P.I.C and I headed home-home. I was staying at my dadda’s house, I looked for work and I babysat Baby Samuel, or The Honeybear every morning from 9am – 2pm ish to help Ben n Jenn. My cousin Cara graduated from Cal Poly, that’s her with her twin sister Leah, and my sister Summer. We’re all halfbreeds – we all look alike. . .its…AWESOME!. I drank a lot this month out at the bars. I sang a lot of karaoke. I cut my hair A-Line and put red in it. I got Jenn to go out with me once in a while. She was timid and shy at first but I’d get her drunk and make her play. She like it (still does). Caitlin was getting her dress adjusted and fitted for the bustling of her dress. I rekindled my friendship with Roger Rabbit and became friends with Mr. Gutter and My Frienemy (yes, both are nicknames – you like it, you want one).


As always on the 4th of July I watched Independence Day. I had gone over to Rich’s house for his annual BBQ and got sloshed/hammered/tossed/drunkard/slammed/and gone on many many strong 7&7’s. Had a 3 hour conversation with my friend Andrew (Huggles). Fell asleep in the backyard in a chair, called for friends and family members to get me only to forget to tell them where I was, and my phone was dead and they couldn’t call me back. Yikes. Went to SLO Pride with Jack and he purchased me drinkies, enough to get me drunkies and I shmoozed with many many gay people. Loved it. He also bought us matching Pride Bling, we are cool. Took a runaway trip to San Francisco with "Boyfriend Jenn" (she coined this nickname after we told Antoan we were watching the X-Men Trilogy and he called us his favorite gay boys ever). We had Cosmo’s a la Sex and the City, walked around the pier, reached for ice cream, had mexican food and on the way home, did NOT fine Amoeba the record store. But she promises next time. Wifey’s bachelorette party and Bridal shower were this month as well. Her shower was Luau themed, her bachelorette party was "A touch of. . ." themed and we had shirts that said "Bride Entourage" Everyone wanted to be me, her and the rest of us – fo’ shiz. I re-met Carrie whom I affectionately call "Cincinnati" while out and about. We knew *of* each other circa ’99, that was a story we sat and shared over clam chowder and a loaf of bread and we fell in love with one other. And of course, John Mayer was at the Mid State fair. Bonus. Rik, me, Ben and Jenn all went. I walked right up to the stage and took a few photos too, he is amazing Live – always has been. Honor Bound Heroes debued a CD and I got to a somewhat release party. I know the drummer, I totally have a backstage pass. Cavin had a birthday and I ran into old friends at his party (shout out Sir Jerime, Sccip and Sir James) No matter what you do, this town is small and eventually you will run into everyone. Jack and I went to a bar in Santa Barbara and I wore my coolest new shirt that says "Rehab is the new black" and I was hit on by a very drunk very plain yet scary red headed lesbian. Jack has pictures to prove it.


The first weekend of August held the wedding of my wife Caitlin and my now Husband-in-law Jared. It was at a lighthouse in San Simeon. GOD it was windy, but the alcohol helped. . . We started with Champagne and then it was pretty much that and Jameson (the whiskey) the rest of the day. I was buzzed for 12 hours, and drunk for 4 or 5. party. I returned to Vista, as my 60 day L.O.A was up and the reality of my lack of relationship with my so called husband really hit when he said he only said he missed me because he thought he had to. And on August 11th, he said he wanted a divorce. I continued with school and slowly started packing things up and taking them home-home on the weekends. I filed on August 28th.


The Honeybear turned One year old and had a cupcake. He had chocolate frosting everywhere. His birthday theme was the Backyardigans and some of us took hits of helium. BoyfriendJenn n The Honeybear came to visit me in Vista for the weekend we went in the pool and everything. The pictures to prove it are not flattering. . . I chalked it up to "pre" Holiday Weight. This was the month I also re-injured my back and a stranger had to help me to my bed. Then I didn’t eat for a day and a half or so because I couldn’t get out of bed, and no I didn’t have anyone around to help me with anything. And this was the month I started to talk to Mr. Man (again, we met 5 years ago and had a thing – that whole story will be later). We IM’d and sometimes spoke on the phone. I was telling him why girls do and say certain things,we were both venting about our breakups. We moved to Skype as well, then planned to have dinner in October.


After meeting up with Mr. Man in SLOville and hitting it off smashingly he came out to visit me in Vista. He flew out, that is. Twice. And the second time he flew out, my brother the smurf had also driven in so he could take some stuff back for me in his truck. We all got HAMMERED one night in the comfort of my own home. They were all about jungle juice, I had a couple appletini’s. Mr. Man and I had a fight about BBQ sauce – what will they think up next. Halloween was my last night in my apartment in Vista. Jeffrey didn’t leave me anything we had discussed so that I could infact. . .function one more night there – Boo. But a classmate of mine loaned me an air mattress, I brought up the mini travel pillow from my car, wore a few layers of clothes and used my robe as a blanket. It was a good thing I had a box of kleenex with me because he didn’t leave me toilet paper either. awesome.


I graduated from the Palomar Institute of Cosmetology on November 4th. Partied in celebration to be home on November 5th – and lost my camera, George. I cried real tears. I then tested and passed my state board exam on November 18th. I began looking for work as soon as I could (and still am as of this post, and if you’re interested in sponsoring me to get supplies and get started – I can pay you back, so call me and lets talk). Thanksgiving was hosted at my sisters humble abode this year with a potluck of goodies. She did roast a turkey, it was delicious. Mr. Man joined me as my plus one, my siblings were present, my dadda and mommie were present and The Schmitz’s were present. Terry, my step mom, was in Carpenteria with some of her family. I saw Twilight twice (thus far).



december again
Sister co-hosted a holiday party and had so much wine my teeth were a horrid shade of purple. I had everyone sign my skin as if it were my yearbook, just for fun. My brother Rik turned 16 and got his drivers license. Mr. Man took me to see Phantom of the Opera. I had never seen a stage production, it was truly wonderful. I wore a silver full length halter top dress (from my reception, actually) and a smashing pair of sparkly heels. I acquired strep throat, boo. I sent in a deferment form for my student loans. New Years eve was dinner at my dadda’s house then to two of Mr. Man’s neighbors parties and home by 11:15pm. We watched the TV for the last 15 minute countdown to the New Year then at midnight we cheers’d our mugs of champagne (I was and still am on antibiotics, so no drinking was to happen, but 2 sips of champagne wouldn’t hurt) and he kissed me. The first thing he said to me this year was "I love you." The first thing I said to him was " Can I have orange juice in this?."

2009 Resolutions / Goals:

• Find a good Esthetician position, makes me happy, makes them happy.
• Eat more vegetables
• Read more; alternate fun books with educational
• Exercise for health vs. to lose weight
• Play piano more, my songs and others songs
• Relearn Moonlight Sonata
• Learn the Rachmaninoff piece I have
• Record songs I’ve written so I have them
• Point credit in better direction
• Get a new camera
• Learn French
• Learn Sign Language
• Learn Archery
• Make New York plans

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  1. I didn’t know Jason and Nicole had a kid.
    You are so beautiful!

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