More sickness than health

So.  Christmas day evening at 5:15 I acquired Strep Throat.  I got antibiotics by friday prescribed by Dr. Gary Foresman from Middle Path Medicine and the weekend was horrible.  It got worse before it got better.  I cried every time I tried to eat and I had a fever that kept me under multiple blankets for the better part of said weekend.  A few days past and I could eat and swallow and it didn’t hurt.  Being on antibiotics meant no alcohol, so come New Years Eve I didn’t go party.  I went to a couple home parties with Mr. Man and Joyce (she owns the house he is staying in) and we were home by 11pm.  I had one sip of champagne at midnight and finished out the week on my antibiotics.

Yesterday I woke up and my throat hurt again.  Same way it did Christmas evening.  By the evening it was worse and this morning it’s worse still.  I keep trying to repeat "I’m well, I’m better" and I try to not give into the pain when swallowing anything by jerking my body around in pain, but it’s hard.  And the plot thickens with Dr. Foresman is out of town til tuesday.  Mom’s having my gargle (yah gargle) a natural biotic made from grapefruit seed extract.  Apparently it works on other things, so why not the enormous barnacle like sores on the back of my throat.  ew.  

Mom said that I hardly ever got sick growing up, so I think maybe now I’m paying for it.

Moral of the story – expose your kids to germs so their immune system builds.  My entire adult life I get sick WAY too easily and the "common cold" that lasts 24 hours for all of you, last 3-7 days for me.  I don’t eat terribly, I dress appropriately for the cold weather, I need to exercise more though.  I go through phases of drinking enough water.  

God hates me.

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  1. I don’t know about grapefruit seed extract, but salt is a natural antiseptic. The expression “rubbed salt in my wounds” is a reference to using salt to prevent infection. It’s painful, but it does help. We have more modern, less painful antiseptics now so it’s not used for wounds anymore, but I was “prescribed” salt water gargles along with my antibiotics when I had some horrible throat infection, oh, maybe a decade ago now. If I recall correctly, it was about a tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water–but as a rule of thumb, it should be enough salt that you can definitely taste it. It doesn’t hurt when you gargle it.
    Most of my colds last at least a week, and I swear I’ve had five of them this winter. (I wasn’t really counting, though.) None of them very bad, just enough to be annoying.

    • oh yes. I’ve been one to gargle salt water many-a-time. Today I gargled with “Nutri Biotic” ever 2 hours. It seemed to have helped. I was much worse this morning and by now (9:45pm) my throat only feels sore, not like I’m swallowing knives. I was gargling with the salt water until my mom said to use that stuff. meh. This round of strep is far less extreme than last time, but still painful. And I’m glad someone else gets colds for longer times – although I don’t with sickness on you. . . know what i mean? haha

  2. My dearest sister,
    Please go to urgent care or somewhere that will get you a proper dosage of antibiotics. I had strep throat last winter, as well, but when it came back the second time for me, it actually came back as an ulcer on my tonsil which was far worse than the original strep throat. It was so swollen that you couldn’t see half of my throat. Actually, you couldn’t see my throat at all because I couldn’t even open my mouth wide enough to get food in. It took a different, stronger kind of antibiotics to make the swelling go down. Take care of yourself my love!
    Much love,
    Anna Ashford.

    • awww miss anna ashford. I love that you worry – I actually, truly do. Unfortunately places like Urgent care like insurance, and although they would see me without it, it would cost me about $200. And this particular round of strep throat is not as bad as the first round. I got some antibiotics now and I’ll start taking them. Thanks to mommies right? You know I never got sick like this living away from home. Lucky me. I would get colds, fine – and even during school when the “plague” hit I was still close to home. Living in burbank or vista – never got sick. Guess it the price I have to pay. meh. Love you.

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