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I actually went outside today.  I don’t really like being outside.  I don’t like grass and bugs and garden spiders – or any spiders I suppose.  I don’t like sand, or wind, or the smell of dog poop.  I’m okay with the sun providing I’m lathered in sun block.  I don’t like tan lines, even though in my life I have acquired some.  

But today – TODAY i put a bathing suit on after cleaning.  Put on my sun block and went outside to the backyard with bugs and spiders and grass and dog poop and sat outside for an hour enjoying the sun and a book..  Mind you – I’m not one of those people who can bust out a book in an hour of six, but a couple chapters of an easy read I can do, and I did.  

Yesterday I was on Bounce House patrol at Kennedy Club Fitness for Kidz Club.  Three hours later I left, and visited with The Gutterson’s for a bit, then came home and pouted, like you do about stuff – then Jack n Theo came to pick me up and we had dinner at Applebees and went to Boomers.  Yah – BOOMERS.  That poor mini golf place is flooding in places, the Gingerbread house is in tatters, the castle was "out of service" complete with a sign posted that said "this ATTRACTION is out of service" with a "sorry for the inconvenience" in tow.  I wanted to go up to the manager and say, you know we drove ALL the way over here for the castle and its BROKEN??  Does it not spit golf balls out after you putt them towards the door?  But instead we laughed that it said "attraction" like it was the Viper at Magic Mountain, or the Haunted House at Disneyland.  We later went in for the exciting video games and ticket winning and in moments we had accumulated 120 tickets to which we could use to trade in for things like::: pencil erasers, a single piece of Laffy Taffy, A -singular-one sucker, a bracelet, a plastic spider or worm and other assorted pieces of trash.  Then I was brilliant and said something mean and we were on a mission to find a kid to give our tickets too.  I was specific of the kind of kid I wanted to hand over our winnings to and when we didn’t find one that matched, we settled for a 12 year old greenish/blonde haired girl with too much pink based make-up on, enough to see the line she had drawn at the base of her chin…and I approached her and said "want out tickets" she and her friend, in amazement, overlooking the Laffy Taffy flavors, timidly said "ok" and I dropped them on the counter with "there’s One Hundred and twenty, enjoy"  With mild squeaks they said "thank you" and I said "uh-huh, bye" and Jack, Theo and I left the building.  Of course, upon our grande exit we walked into a fart cloud and we all sped to the door gagging for air and wondering what little kid needed a diaper change or what those parents were feeding their kids.  Good Times.

Then today, was…today – and you already read that part.  I woke up cleaned, then went outside.  Then I had pasta – and I miss protein – and now Mr. Man is here waiting for my fingers to stop vigorously pounding the white keys of my little MacBook.

Onward and Upward. 

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