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I woke up this morning after a lovely 8 hours of sleep…I LOVE wearing a sleep mask it has changed my life forever. It has become my blanky, my monkey, my I-can’t-sleep-without-this-y. I thank the person who invented it, and the person who purchased me the mask I have that says “Cranky Princess” on it. I believe that was either my Auntie Barbs, or my Stepmom Terry. Not sure, but that’s my guess I know I got it for Christmas a few years ago, I know I never really used it until I moved back to AG and the light came into the window every morning by 6am. NO deals. So I would wake up every morning to the light, then reach over and put my mask on. Only to later realize that if I go to sleep with it on from the beginning of the night I …..a) fall asleep faster, b) sleep better, and c) sleep without light disturbance. This is a wonderful and useful thing.

So I woke up this morning, went to work and Kori Violini, hair stylist extraordinaire! flat ironed my hair for me. She has styled my hair more in the past few months than my hair has ever been styled over my past Thirty-Zero years. She is great and you want her to cut and color your hair – and she does extensions too!!

I woke up, went to work, did some work then came home and went to Klondike Pizza in AG with my mom, Rik, Mr. Man, my cousin Tori and her kids Alyssa, Kenny, and Annika. Yum and I had Root Beer. Now, I don’t actually like soda, but IF i’m gonna have soda (without whiskey or whatever. . . ) it’s gonna be Root Beer. I LOVE root beer, always have. Then we came home and played a good 2 hours of charades with me writing little quotes, or movie titles, or TV shows or books or famous people or whatever …”poker face”….”apple tree” and everyone took turns acting it out. It was really…REALLY fun. And we all laughed and cheered each other on. I love nights like tonight.

And now, I’m off to sleep so I can wake up, do some laundry and pack because tomorrow, wednesday, Mr. Man and I leave for San Francisco to see WICKED at The Orpheum on thursday and we return Friday. It will be my third time seeing it, his first – I can’t…WAIT!!!

Briefly, In other News the Paso Swim & Tennis Club although having hired me, is still waiting to open. It has been a long process for them and we are finally just now finding out what products they are going to use and what they’d like us to wear. I’m not thrilled with what we wear (White polo shirt, I have to buy and black or khaki pants with black, brown or white shoes). And then…today..I got a call from the Spa Manager at the Cliffs Resort, she’s looking for an esthetician and I’ll speak with her this week. I’m wondering if Paso hasn’t opened yet because I’m supposed to be somewhere else. This is the 3rd place that has contacted me since I’ve accepted the position at Paso that is interested in speaking with me about doing skin care for them. My mind and options are open.

And – I’ve already read more books this year than I have in five years total. Sweet.

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  1. that is awesome! With the lack of jobs out there the fact that so many people are interested is great!
    I was going to see Wicked in Portland last tour while I had a break but it didn’t work out… I still want to see it at some point! Maybe I will see how long it is in SF and see if I have time at the end of summer!
    Reading a lot is also awesome. what do you enjoy reading?

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