It Is Time

 Tonight is Battle of the Salons in SLO at Native.  I amgoing for moral support of the lovely ladies representing Roxy Salon & Day Spa and maybe helping with make up.  Our other Esthetician has had 9 years in make up artistry, so she’s kind of doing everything – but I’ll help if they need it.  

Something happened after I saw Wicked last week and I FINALLY decided to crawl out of my safe shell and try to do better.  Do better with my eating, and gym habits.  Do better with my singing and ‘warming up’ as it were.  I used to warm up vocally everyday, just for speaking, then more if I was going to sing.  I miss dancing and I’m going to see about taking the "groove" classes at my gym and maybe ask Mr. Man if he’s interested in ballroom dancing…I’ve always wanted to take lessons.  I’ve had a couple classes on ballroom dancing here and there, but mostly I fake it and learn as I go.  I want to learn to shoot a bow and arrow – is that wierd?  Having nothing to do with wanting to be Elphaba in the musical Wicked – I wanna learn to shoot a bow and arrow.  But I want to do better now.  I want to feel better, and so I will.  I want to look better and so I will.

I did well with my 4 week program with mom.  It was really strict and I don’t want to do it again, but I’m okay with having a shake for breakfast and eating well for lunch and dinner.  I’m good with drinking lots of water and I will stop eating 3 hours before bed time – doctor recommended. =)

My body misses stretching and moving, I can feel it.  

And so, It is time.

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  1. sooo…. how did it go?

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