It was Roxy Salon vs. Bladerunners

I thought Salons that were battling each other were based on service, or prices, or "level" if you will. *I* was wrong, and was corrected when a star stylist at Roxy Salon & Day Spa said "they pull them out of the hat." I shrugged and said "then fate knows that we are on the level of Bladerunners" At the Battle, our models walked the runway together and typically the owner of the salon says something about their inspiration, or goal as far as the "theme" was concerned. Roxanne Steil, owner of Roxy Salon & Day Spa turned to me and said "aiyani will you do it?" And I say "sure, whatever you would like." So after our models came out I walked up to the mic said I was the spokesperson for Roxy Salon and gave them my 15 second shpill. I don’t remember all that I said but I know our salon has 10% veteran stylists, and 90% BRAND NEW stylists and they took this challenge and got very creative. That was fun. We had front row seats, ever the VIP’s and had Vodka at our table with a few mixers and sat with front row view.

It is my opinion that some of the stylists from other salons used more props than hair, and the politics of any "battle" leaves some people weighing the words "favoratism" or "money" and that’s the nature of humans in competition. Shrugg.

I am very proud of our girls at Roxy Salon & Day Spa, regardless if we lost to Bladerunners

Our theme was "Gift Wrap" and all make up was done by our second Esthetician Bernadette Mejia.

Hair by Bobbie Cunningham "Baby Shower"
Baby Shower

Hair by Krista McAlister "Valentine’s Day"
props were a bow and arrow, classic cupid

Hair by Roxanne Steil "Black Saturday"
Black Saturday

Hair by Rachel Damas "Christmas Tree"
Christmas Tree
she had presents AND lights in there

Hair by Kori Violini "Sweet 16"
Sweet 16
my personal favorite.

Models for Roxy Salon & Day Spa
Roxy Salon & Day Spa models

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  1. the link for slo nites is bad…. it goes to “”
    and wow…. i kinda wanna see what the other salons did cause on one hand i gotta say the creativity is impressive…however… some of the make up is downright scarey

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