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The hotel I work at is starting to go into slow season. Which means I may be schedule for an 8 hour shift, but only get 4 hours out of that shift and then get asked to go home early. I understand because I understand the industry. But that means my paycheck loses ALOT. Last week I was on the schedule for 40 hours and I lost 20 of them. Poop. SO – alas here I am in search of a third job. I go to craigslist and slojobs and yahoo and hotjobs and hcareers and careerbuilder and this and that. . . every single day. I average 5 emails a day being sent out to apply for positions, of which sometimes I hear back with an automatic reply email saying I need to finish my application by clicking “here” because they receive high volume of applicants for whatever. sigh. I sometimes click on “here” I sometimes don’t. I am going to start walking into the places that say “help wanted” and fill out applications. I NEED MONEY. I have bills, like everyone else and unfortunately what *I* am trained for no one needs. Although I could technically work at two hotels at the front desk with hopes of equaling full time work, it doesn’t give me a guarantee and my availability is wary if I do that. Most shifts are either 7am – 3pm, or 3pm – 11pm, with not hopes of doing both on one day, I could still just lose out on money.

This is hard and frustrating.

I need a job. I full time job that will pay me a minimum of $12/hour. And by full time I mean 35-40 hours a week after I’ve clocked out for lunch. Being scheduled for 32 hours then clocking out for lunches for 1/2 hour, then being asked to leave early DOES NOT HELP.

suggestions? I’ll take. I don’t believe that a certain job is beneath me but I have preferences based on where the job is, and what it entails and I for sure suck in the restaurant business, no joke. I couldn’t do well as a hostess let alone carry a tray. It’s not beneath me, it just means I’m dumb when it comes to that position. I am good at office stuff, retail stuff, cashier things – ugh!

I hate struggling. I hate crying over it almost every night and losing sleep because of it. I hate not being able to contribute more for groceries and household things. Like a rug for the kitchen.

I am trying.
And I am tired of feeling that I am failing.
I am poor, and I just want to be able to. . . pay my rent, my bills, my student loans, buy groceries, put gas in my car, pay my car insurance, get health insurance, pay my stepmother back for helping me with my final payment & stateboard fees for school, pay the girl I bought my Murad products from, pay my videographer from my wedding – i know that one sounds weird but I owe her money still, she did an amazing job and alot of work, my dentist from my cleaning and fillings last year (and get my cleaning this year and I believe I’ll need another filling, damnit) bed sheets, black socks, new tennis shoes to work out in, bare minerals medium beige powder and mineral veil. . . the list goes on. Things I need, things I want, things I have to have to drive legally, things I need to drive safely – front brake rotors and new brake pads, a new car battery.

I just feel like I’m drowning. I need a floatation device and then some swim lessons.

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  1. Hey there!
    I just forwarded a couple of jobs for you to your myway account.

    • oh! woops – I don’t have my myway account anymore. If you could send them again that would be awesome. same preffix as my myway account =) Thanks for your help!

  2. I know it’s not a regular, dependable job or anything, but have you considered offering your services for spa parties? You could offer discounted rates off of your salon prices, but require a minimum purchase amount for the group so you know you’re not wasting your time. Someone hosts the party in her home, and you come and do a bunch of work the one night, for a lower margin per person but hopefully a decent total profit.
    You could put up fliers with the little tear-off strips in coffee shops and laundromats, etc. I think a lot of people who wouldn’t normally go for spa services would do it if it was with a bunch of her friends, and it could be a good way to get some regular clients at the salon, too. If you put a short listing of services offered and their prices, you’ll only get calls from people who are already satisfied with the cost, including people who might not call if they didn’t already know the prices. If the list is too long, just list a few and then say “and more.”
    Just an idea anyway… not being down there, I don’t have any leads on “regular” jobs. 😦 And I know there are some start up costs like printing the fliers and gas to get there, but… I thought I’d throw it out there.
    Wish I could help. 😦

    • thank you for the ideas! It helps. I will see what I can do about spa parties and good idea on the tear off flyers.

      • you should look at the California state unemployment site. you have to fill out a lot of stuff but you get a lot of legit jobs all over the state and you can apply based on what you qualify for/ $$$ and location! There is also a break down by education and so forth…I’ll try to find the exact site and forward it to you!

  3. update: the site i used (I believe) was
    good luck!

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