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Yesterday I interviewed for a front desk position in SLO. This particular hotel is part of a franchise but privately owned and managed, if that makes sense. This woman that interviewed me manages three hotels, one in SLO, one in Cambria, one in Vandenburg (sp?) with her husband. Now the semi-offer that was made to me was $9/hour for the first 30 days with a raise to $10/hour providing I am as fabulous as my resume and I say I am. You know, ish. This is also a fulltime position she is looking to fill, and I could really use the full time hours. She hesitates offering me a position if I am at another hotel, and/or plan on staying there. (Initially my goal was to have a full time job and keep a few hours at the mission inn). I understand this hesitation. As we continued to talk she brought up the opportunities that are available within the hotels she runs. Assistant Managing positions may become available, Front office Management (in Cambria though. . ) and then she said eventually she’d like to have someone else managing the hotel in SLO. All of those opportunities would pay me more if I got hired on and climbed the hotel ladder. *I* hesitate because there is no guarantee those opportunities will be offered to me first. There is never a guarantee with this kind of thing, which means if I take the offer for the $10/hour at the front desk I could just be there for a long time. I’d have to leave Mission Inn at $11/hour but only 16-20 hours a week with no room for growth. And if I don’t climb the ladder quickly I will still need another part time job.


I have an interview today for a supervisor position. This offers $10-$12/hour with a company some of my friends have already worked for and those friends, whoms opinion I respect, tell me the position is worth higher than $12, it’s actually worth higher than $14 AND there will be no room for growth. Now I’m having difficulty figuring this one out because i DO need the money. I have yet to interview here and ask how they feel about me working at another hotel. This particular supervisor position does not over see the front desk, it oversees a different department of the hotel.

There are no guarantees thus far. What I have been offered is $9/hour full time with the possibility of $10/hour in the event I perform as she expects.

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