in store

Recently a co-worker was let go from out company.


Recently someone in my department was terminated.


Last friday, the front desk manager was let go at my hotel.


Last friday, my very good friend, who is also my flatmate, and oddly enough he was my manager – was fired.

And Then – one of our front desk agents also quit, 6 hours later.

Resulting in:  My small struggle to be supportive and sorry for my friend, while I keep my job for the company that released him.  My disappointment for the abandonment of a co-worker with zero warning leaving me to work longer and the small resentment I have of the company and who runs it and who was apart of the near conspiracy to have him released.  That and I have stepped up to re-work the schedule knowing the lead agent won’t because she doesn’t like it there either, and 

I have no idea what’s in store.

But I have 40 hours this week, which I need – but what is it worth in the end.

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