7 days

After a terrible week I enjoyed Thanksgiving in Nipomo where mom and rik live with some family friends. The feast was awesome. All my siblings were able to come and hang out. We played "Catch Phrase" with everyone at the house and ben and I polished 3 bottles of wine off. So Rik drove us to my house and we had a sibling slumber party (minus sister, sad face – but that’s okay) . We watched the original "V" for Visitors, the mini series from the 80’s (since they are doing a remake of some kind right now. I dont’ know if it’s a mini series or TV series but I’m told I would enjoy it) then Friday morning I made pancakes. It was really fun having my brothers stay with me. It felt so weird when jack moved out with zero notice. He was moved completely out of the house in a day and a half. He took things like the broom, but not the dustpan. Afterall, *I* bought the dust pan.

I don’t know. My experiences with roommates was about the house, when someone left. For example, and this is hypothetical, but the value and principal exist: When I was at the barn and left, I didn’t take the toaster because I didn’t need it and it just would have gone to storage. So…I donated it to the house. I didn’t take the broom just because *I* bought it, and leave the dustpan. If I didn’t need the broom, I left it…with the house

I need to digress. I’m still holding a grudge about how he left. I’ll get over it I’ sure, until then I hold resentment for the way he left. The zero notice and the petty behavior upon his departure. This is just my opinion though, I’m sure his side is different . Sigh. I guess I’m more upset at the principal, not the fact. AGain, I’ll get over it.

SO – the house felt weird, and I was glad my brothers could stay and play, and Whitney (ben’s girlfriend) also stayed to balance the estrogen.

Then I went to look at a couple houses with boyfriendJenn. She and Mr. Gutter are looking for a house to rent. One of them was on a street I grew up on. We actually moved to that street when Ben was Baby Samuels age – it was cute. shrug.

Then I came home for a bit, made Mark a couple hot dogs, made me a chicken sando, went to BoyfriendJenn’s for some stew, then out to See Canyon Ranch to visit with Grace K where we had Costco pizza and dessert and just hung out for a few hours. Me, sister & double T and R.i.k. It was good to be out of the house and not be home thinking about all the bullsh*t that went down in the past week.

A good friend of mine, Roxanne, had some strong helpful words for me which I have been pondering over and over the past couple days. I’m sure what she said will help, at the same time I feel so stuck.

Things with Mark are better. We had a month long break, while living together, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I missed him. Yes he can be mean, so can I. Yes he can be impatient, me too. And, I don’t know, other than the fact that we really need to learn to communicate better and calm down in order to understand and listen…hahaha…I miss him. SO – we are trying to go about speaking to each other differently. We’re trying to treat each other a little better and if it works out, fine, if not – at least we tried and I feel better for that.

I don’t know what the next step is.

Do I stay on the Central coast? Do I pack up and move somewhere else. Do i sell everything I have for a plane ticket somewhere?

Because right now, nothing is holding me here or holding me back. This week has changed so much, in so little time that right now I believe any option could become a reality.

In 7 days I:
– got fired
– tried to kick mark out for good
– asked him to stay
– was told the salon I work at my close
– was told the salon I work at might be sold and I could stay!
– had told the owner of the salon I couldn’t be on board because I needed to save money because I will have to move out
– was told my flat mate was moving out the DAY he was moving out
– was told by the landlord he wants me out in 30 days
– got a cold

how was your week and how was your thanksgiving?

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