it felt nice

I auditioned for a play.

Earlier this year I auditioned for a play, two of them actually. Both resulting in getting cast, and equally resulting in my leaving the cast for certain reasons. Different reasons each, but none the less I had to leave them. I’d never left a show before. I guess it just wasn’t time. I don’t really believe in leaving a show either. People have left shows I was in before and it just made me angry and let down. Now that I’ve let some people down I guess I realize that sometimes you have to sacrifice the happiness of others, for your own. Sometimes you have to let people down, to lift yourself up. And at the same time, sometimes it that which brings you down – well…it’s that which brought me down to the point of feeling I had/have nothing left right now, that helps begin to bring you back up.

I wasn’t going to audition. It’s actually a play I auditioned for earlier this year. The Mousetrap. I was cast then, in Cambria and left after the read through for a few reasons. Auditioning for the play again seemed silly, but it is MUCH closer. Santa Maria-closer. Cambria 50 miles, Santa Maria 15 miles. Ta-da. Amidst the many depressing things that have happened the last couple of weeks in addition to the drama that is on-again off-again with my Mister. a friend encouraged me to audition. She said it would make me feel better. She was right. Even if I didn’t get cast, it felt nice to audition. I didn’t know anyone, I wasn’t "favored" to be cast, it was just a play, and I just auditioned, and today they called and said I was cast in the role of Miss Casewell.

Santa Maria Civic Theatre
The Mousetrap
Every Friday & Saturday Night for the Month of February

Maybe it’s the beginning of climbing out, I have no idea but I’m willing to find out.

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  1. I’ve done a few shows there! I’m actually really good friends with most of the board and so forth but I never got cast because of my look. I stopped doing stuff there and that was when I auditioned for PCPA on whim…it all works out in the end I suppose!
    I don’t think I will be in there area in Feb but for some reason I am, I’ll be there!

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