little moments

I woke up with the Honeybear at 6:45 this morning after about 4 1/2 hours of sleep. He. Is. So. CUTE. ahhaah, He rolled over and whispered "nani, nani it’s time to wake up" the same way my little brother Rik would when he was a babester. We got up and had some cereal then I got a text from Kitten that she and Peanut ( her son) were up, and she invited the Honeybear and I over for coffee and breakfast.

Kitten and I go back a few years. We are very similar in many ways, but one way we never really bonded over was motherhood. It’s something I don’t really have experience in, other than being an aunt. But today, I headed over to her house in my jammies and robe, with a 2 year old in tow (still in his jammies) and I arrived to her house to see her in her jammies and robe, and her 4 year old running around in his jammies. We let the boys play and watch Spongebob, and we sat one the couch talking and yapping with moments of "stop that!" or "put it down" or "you need to be nice and play nicely" between catching up. We were a different couple of friends, but still very good. It was fun and silly and I’d like to do it again. I of course like our time without kids, and I’m not afraid of having more time with them.

Mark and I enjoyed his burgers, he makes REALLY good ones, then I had some waxing to on someone, and I did her friends nails – just cause it was fun. Mark and I went to Wally World for some stuff, came home then he was trying to be helpful and put the dishes away from the dishwasher. All of a sudden a HUGE…HUUUGGGEEE crash from the kitchen came. He apparently stacked mugs 3 high (only supposed to be 2 high, but he didn’t know – whatever. hahaha) and the pile fell over, fell out of the cabinet, one mug broke on the counter the other fell off the counter and crashed into the oven door – cracking and shattering the glass on it. Woops. Did I previously mention that Jack took the broom because he bought it with HIS money (kind of quote unquote), so Mark brought in his big broom from the garage, one of those big push brooms and he swept up what he could. I’m gonna get a broom from sisters house tomorrow and sweep again and again, then mop it. Until then we both wear shoes in the kitchen.

Now we’re just drinking cheap whiskey, which is gross, and watching Alias Season 4. I’m applying for jobs, sending out my resume and bla bla.

Tomorrow, another day to look for a job, I may or may not audition for a play in Santa Maria, and I need to decide quickly if I’m going to go through with the school applications. I need to finish and send apps in by the end of the month in order to get a spot on their audition tour. If I DO audition for the community theatre play, I will miss school auditions in early Feb.

I dont’ really have much motivation lately. I’m trying to just climb out of my stupid situation and get going again.

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