honeybear overnight

Today I woke up at 6:30am after falling asleep at 2am ish. Not okay, so I slept in until 9:30am. Mark was on his way back from Newark where his house is, that he had to fix because a tree fell in on it. hahahaha wow – guess it’s a good thing he is a contractor.

I finished Betrayed today – victory is mine! and I will start Chosen tonight or tomorrow day time. Mark got here at 1pm and we were out the door at a quarter to two because we were going to a wedding. My friend, whom I affectionately call "Captain" married his girlfriend Kathryn. They are so great together. It was fun being a part of his life at the green apron (where we worked together) when they first started dating and then being invited to their wedding was awesome. It was at a cute little chapel/church in Shell Beach. We were able to stay for the ceremony and wine and…snacks. There is a larger word for ‘snacks’ it starts with an H then an apostrophe then a whole bunch of letters. Sounds like or-DERVES, but I can’t spell so I’m not going to try. hahahah

We came home and semi baby proofed the house because tonight I have Honeybear, over night. He is two now and talks up a storm and he’s 40 pounds of little boy. Mark kept him occupied playing and running around outside while I made dinner. Some kind of pasta with alfredo sauce, scallops and chicken. Then we all ate, Baby Samuel was so cute of course. When he finally took off his socks and shoes he feet were SOOO dirty. hahaha, so it was bathtime! We don’t have a bathtub plug thing, so Mark used a tupperware lid, it worked pretty well. Honeybear had a good time and I washed the bottom of his feet and between his toes, just like my dad used to do to me and sister and to the boys when they were little in the bathtub, and baby samuel just LAUGHED so hard. It was awesome. Then we put jammies on, Christmas SpongeBob, and had some ice cream together. hehehehehe. He played with his toys some more, toys that actually belong to my sisters friends son because I don’t have any toys for him…but they work and he likes them. Now we’re watching CARS, the pixar flick. Yah, it’s 10:15pm and he’s up watching a movie, and no – not because of the ice cream. Because Auntie Sum Sum let him nap until 6pm!!!! sigh – i scolded her. hahahhhaa. of COURSE she let him nap *I* have him over night.


It’s 11pm now. at 10:30pm, Baby Samuel ran over to the chair cincinnati gave me. It’s one of those big round chairs – I forget what they’re called. So he curled up on it and I just stared at him. He looked at me, laying down on the chair, looked around then looked back at me and said "i’m tired"….UGGGGGHHHH SOOOO CUTE. ahahah. So I picked him up and he held on to his 2 stuffed monkeys and we layed down in the bed. He crawled to the foot of the bed on the down blanket and started watching the movie I put on for him. Meet the Robinson’s . Fifteen minutes later he was out. I lifted him up and tucked him in the blankets with his monkeys and came back to type this.

I’m tired too. No real reason to be. I didn’t rebuild a roof, or drive for hours, or have a wedding today. I didn’t do much at all, but I know that I am tired. So I’m gonna lay down read part of the next book and go to sleep.

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