some pick me ups

my big brother Cory (the chiropractor) has offered a work space for me to do my esthetician work. it’s in Grover Beach. Hopefully this will help pick me up.

last night I had a weird dream. I can’t put it all together but I was trying to buy a young girl 2 new pillows and a new air mattress but they didn’t have the pillows or size air mattress I wanted. Then I was outside on a patio or deck of some kind and there were leaves everywhere. Some guy, like a father type but not mine, walked out of the backyard and reminded me to lock the gate so the dog didn’t run out. I looked back and in slow motion a fox…a FOX turned the corner and bolted for the gate and right behind him was a little wiener dog. So I got up and went for the gate but Jack (ex-flat mate) was already at the gate closing it. Then I went to leave, eventually and it was the front door of my mom’s old house and I turned the corner and ran into a spiderweb and woke up slapping both hands to my face to peel the webs off.

The only good part of this dream was it meant that I actually slept for a bit. I haven’t been sleeping much lately. I’m just…awake. I’m tired. I’ve tried having the TV on, my iTunes lulling me to slumber, reading, hot tea before bed. And yet I watch the window start to light up with the sun rising every morning for the past week.

The Odd part of the dream is the way I woke up. I have woken up this way for the past couple weeks if and when I dream. I don’t always run into a spiderweb. Most of the time I’m at the beach (don’t know why, since I don’t like the beach) and a big wave crashes and before it hits me and envelops me I wake up by covering my face with both hands. Other times I wake myself up by jumping and covering my face but I don’t know what the dream was. I completely forget once I wake up.

I have been listening to John’s new CD, and rather enjoy it. No surprise but I thought I’d share that. Some good brake up songs, perfect timing, some good lyrics – as expected.

Today I’m having dinner at my dadda’s house, he is making is delicious spaghetti, THEN Terry (step-mom) and I are gonna get a holiday beverage from the Green Arpon (Sweet!) AND then we’re going to see New Moon! I have already seen it, but we saw Twilight together, so it’s only right that we see New Moon together, as well as every other movie that comes out in the series.

Amy and Willow are gonna stop by today (I haven’t met Willow yet)!

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