christmas 2009

 Christmas came and went today.  I didn’t have much build in it this year.  I was much more of a Grinch than a Happy Who, that’s for sure.  I didn’t watch all the traditional Holiday Movies, like I normally do.  I didn’t decorate, like I normally do.  I didn’t say Merry Christmas to anyone until 3 days before christmas and it felt weird saying it at all.  I didn’t finish making the siblings’ presents so everyone got a card with a snowflake on the outside with a wannabe poem about lagging on their gift and it would be ready soon.  Two people are helping me this year make these, so thank you to you both.  What’s kind of funny is sisters gifts she ordered and they didn’t arrive yet, so it seems Christmas II will happen, which will be fun in it’s own way.  

Last night was Christmas eve and Boyfriend Jenn hosted dinner at her apartment, it was deLICious and I was very full, as was everyone.  I took some fun video footage surely to appear on youtube and faceyspace for all to see and some pics that I’ll more than likely just load up to snapfish and never order, but at least I’ll have them somewhere.  I sort of miss loading pictures and printing them.  People don’t print pictures anymore,  I miss it.  I miss the scrapbooking or even just the album-ing of pictures.  I think I’d like to do it again, but since I’ll be staying with a friend I don’t need to add to the boxes I’ve stacked in her storage unit.  Later the siblings went to sister and double T’s house, put our traditional Christmas Shirts that Auntie Barbs made for us ON, and watched christmas movies  and ate snacks (after dinner digested a little bit) and then sleep.  We woke up and sister and double T made breakfast for everyone, including but not limited to scrambled eggs, potatoes, cinnamon rolls and oranges.  We had coffee and mimosas and took fun pictures again. After our morning we all quickly changed out of our jammie pants into jeans and went to the movies in our shirts, a first, actually, and maybe it is a new tradition!  We saw the new movie with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker…"did you meet the morgans" or something close to that.  it was cute, I didn’t laugh as hard as I thought I would, but I’d watch it again cause it’s cute.  Then it was home to pack a few more things.  Only a few more boxes for storage and most of everything else is every day use things, my vitamins, toiletries etc, then my clothes will head over.  Jenn freed up some space in some of dressers (yes she has multiple ones) and some in her closet as well.  Very kind and helpful of her.  And eventually I made it over to my dadda’s house, about 5:30pm, for a yummy dinner of ham and potatoes and gravy and mac n cheese (which I later found out they threw out the rest and I was ANGRY cause it was GOOD.  boo) and dinner rolls.  Then there was dessert, 2 different kinds of brownies, holiday cookies and pumpkin pie. All of which, I believe, was made from scratch.  Super Duper yum, and now I’m home.  Alone.  

I’m watching a TNT movie called "Fractured" from the On Demand screen of Free Movies, that’s fun.  But I am tired and it will be nice to sleep, so hopefully, I will.

Tomorrow I believe I’ll finish getting things over to Jenn’s house, I’ll set up in Cory’s office (more on that next time, it’s good news – and we know how lately I lack that, so it will be nice).  And who knows, maybe I’ll do some cleaning too.  

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