There. I said it.

Welcome February 2010.

Thus far I have seen the gym more this year total than I did last year total, but it’s not consistent. There will be consistency.

Thus far I have slept on a bed twice and my friends couch the remainder of the time but “good” sleep hasn’t existed too much. There will be good sleep.

Thus far I have eaten what my friend(s) provide. And I am thankful. I have, however, been approved for a “magic food card” and I will be able to provide food for myself. There will be healthy choices.

Thus far I have been in one play. It is running right now and I received a fairly nice mention in a review. There will be stages.

Thus far I have seen few clients and need to do more marketing to get more people to come in. There will be success.

Thus far I have been introduced to Glee, new books/series and recapped on some “oldies” but “goodies” ie he’s just not that into you. There will be introductions.

Thus far I have cleaned poop off the floor twice. There will be potty training.

Thus far I have seen my sister the most of my siblings, followed by smurf then the rikster. I wish we could have more sibling time. There will be family time.

Thus far I have let go of some people in my life that were not lifting me up, but pulling me down. But to balance that I have also, thus far, began hanging out with Kaza. Someone who was not in my life for a few years. There will be balance.

Thus far I have watched every episode of Heroes and view some characters differently. Paths will do that to you. There will be change.

Thus far I have sent my resume out numerous times. Well into the double digits. To which only one interview has surfaced but no job in line. There will be opportunities.

Thus far there is no love interest. The Universe and Nature are focusing on my mental, emotional and physical wellness and not allowing me to be distracted. There will be healing.

Thus far I have auditioned for one school. There were four, than three, and in the end I only truly wanted one. I have applied and auditioned. There will be a response.

Thus far I have seen a counselor once. I will see her every week. There will be understanding.

Thus far I have come up with three tattoos I want and I know where I want them to go. There will be permanency.

And thus far, being vulnerable hasn’t been that bad. it IS hard to vulnerable to myself, to anyone that cares or anyone that could care. It is a risk but a lesson and somehow I am finding more strength and support once I give myself permission to be vulnerable. There will be risks. There will be lessons.

Then without looking at the “past” as it were, that I have experienced “thus far,” this, is apparently what will happen::::

There will be consistency.
There will be good sleep.
There will be healthy choices.
There will be stages.
There will be success.
There will be introductions.
There will be potty training. haha
There will be family time.
There will be balance.
There will be change.
There will be opportunities.
There will be healing.
There will be response.
There will be a understanding.
There will be permanency.
There will be risks.
There will be lessons.

After reading it like that it looks like there will be transitions, but they are all positive steps. Something, thus far, wasn’t as present.

There will be presence.

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