Every year around Valentines Day I give blood. This hasn’t been for many many year, but a few years none the less. I would only miss if I got a tattoo, or was sick so I make sure I go as soon as I can. It is that time again. But I have a cold, and I’m thinking about getting a tattoo. hahahaha. party.

I kind of miss having experiences to write about. I go back and look at old entries and I would vent about people, and work, and money and things. And I would also tell me love stories my movie quotes and movie reviews, I made stuff up – like “Toy Talk” which I kind of miss. But as of late, I feel I have little to say. Maybe right now I’m just not supposed to say much? The (small) problem I have with that is if I don’t write anything then I won’t have anything to look back on . I kind of like having this livejournal with years and years of posts. Albeit sometimes few and far between, i WANT something there. I used to come home almost every night from work when i lived in Burbank and sit with Peach (member Peach, my PC? aawwwww) and check all my emails and accounts then recap on the days’ ins and outs.

I guess I could do that but I don’t feel NEARLY as inspired or speedy..or like I actually have anything to say. So I babble, instead. Babble, babble, babble.


Last night was BoyfriendJenn’s birthday. We had a show, a buy-out ; so it’s not open to the public, then we came back to her house. Honeybear was already asleep and mr. gutter picked up in the living room a bit. We got home and I sprayed down the bathroom so it looked better. Then Valor, Ari & Angie came over and we had chips n salsa con queso, watched Jeff Dunham (Arguing with myself) and had drinks. I think we finished off 4 bottles of alcohol. Granted these bottles were not full and brand new, but all were at least half full. I took some pics, as usual (with Ruby, my newest camera. I’ve had her for a year now yay) and threatened to post some that people didn’t like. Don’t you love that? Capturing something, people hate it and so now you have some kind of blackmail?…mmuuahahahahaha. cough cough.

I am getting over a cold. Although it feels like it’s mostly moved to my right ear, I have a small cough still and my eyes water for no reason. But they do this all the time. Water for no reason. Bree-Ann thinks I may have a light alergy, could be I suppose.

Dr. G wants me to get my thyroid checked, but I don’t really have the funds for that so I’ll have to wait.

I went to the gym again today. Third time this week! Today did 25 minutes on the Treadclimber, a few squats and lunges using the bosu ball and some pilates ab work. When I left I couldn’t feel my legs. I didn’t think I pushed that hard. I don’t think I’ll be terribly, or uncomfortably sore, but I’m tired for SURE. I may take a nap soon. I have a show tonight, so I’ll need my energy.

I have been hanging out with Kaza a bit here and there. Normally in the evening with her and her daughter, Naya. It seems most people I know have kids. Most of my friends have kids. It’s weird but totally normal at the same time. Shrug. It’s nice to still have the friends I have always had.

I still love John Mayer – of course. And his music plays in my car all the time. When..WHEN I move to NY I’ll meet him and we’ll find we are perfect for each other just as we are and we’ll get hitched, pop a few kids, travel and be bi-coastal. All of this in the next 10 years or so. weeeee.

I can only breathe out of one nostril – dont’ you hate that?

I’m contemplating writing a comedy routine and perhaps entitling it “that’s not okay” but we’ll see.

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