chocolate milk

I got my new mark 3 days ago. Jax sponsored the I-want-a-new-tattoo fund, so I took Cincinnati’s drawing of a swirly butterfly that she made for my metamorphosis cards and put it on my right heel. I love it. There are many wonderful symbolic things about the butterfly, where it is, how it’s shaped that are important to me, so I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to get it as soon as I did. Thanks Jax!!!

Made it through Glee with The Club and tomorrow Miranda and I begin the sex and the city marathon. She’s never seen any episodes, is my understanding, and I just can’t have that!

I’m reading 3 books right now and Stephanie gave me a bag load of more books to read. I’m excited, but I told her I probably wouldn’t get done with them all very quickly. She handed me the bag and I said I’ll give them back in 5 years. But to pass my reading score from last year, it will be very helpful. I know most people that enjoy reading, or have time for a book can finish it in a day, week at the most. So reading ten whole books last year may not be a big deal to them – but it is/was to me. And I’m excited about continuing.

Two more weeks of shows, this week and next week and that’s it. It has been fun so far, the normal bit of community theatre egos, inside jokes, and draahma has made its way in, but nothing we can’t handle.

Mardi Gras was last night and I got HAMMERED. Getting so drunk that I don’t remember certain things is crazy. Like I’m LITERALLY missing pieces from my life. Moments that I have no recollection of, and then there’s the pictures. Nothing stupid or crazy but I stuff like I don’t remember singing a duet with BoyfriendJenn, but the pictures say we do. And I know I signed up for What About Love by Heart and I remember singing the first line, but I don’t remember the rest of the song…woops.

And today I was craving chocolate milk, so I got some. Like magic.

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