moved the guttersons

A pretty successful weekend.  The Guttersons’ moved from AG to Nipomo, from a small two bedroom apartment to a nice size 2 bedroom townhouse.  It will be good for them.  They were gracious enough to continue to offer me a roof over my head until I head out to NY.  So I’m gonna start sending boxes after I get my tax return.  I looked into getting a small POD like thing but there doesn’t seem to be anything like what I’m looking for – or maybe I’m looking at the wrong things.  I don’t have furniture I’m moving, just clothes and some stuff for school.  But that could become a few boxes and depending on the weight it could be easy or not easy.  So we’ll see!!

It’s been lovely spending time with K, it’s really really nice just talking about stuff sometimes.  Getting to know someone is always so fun.  Questions like “do you like scary movies” can become an hour long conversation about good parts and bad parts, favorite parts, what is scary what isn’t – and I’m interested in everything because it’s new to me.  And it moves the conversation into something else, too.  Last night we went to New Frontiers together  (I had never been) and he needed to give me the lay of the land.  It’s also nice when you have nothing but time on your hands.  I had helped move my friends, and had the rest of the night dedicated to spending time with my new lovey.  We took our time picking out food for dinner, took our time walking to the car and up the stairs once we got home.  By taking our time, I mean enjoying the walk and occasionally stopping for a little smoochy-smooch.  We took our time getting our food set up and watched the rest of High Fidelity, which I’d never seen.  Then we started watching Ronin, which was also good but we didn’t finish it because it got late and I was tired.  I slept curled up next to him and woke up at 7am to get to Kidz Club in AG by 8am.

I helped cover today at Kidz Club, my day is normally Friday, but I helped then went to the old apartment and cleaned some more and packed more then headed back to Nipomo to unload the car.  Jenn is sick so I unpacked the bathrooms and kitchen.  Hopefully she’s okay with it, sucks when you don’t feel good and have to move stuff around.  Shrug.

And now, it’s time for chili cheese dogs.  Yum.  For reals, I know that hot dogs are basically gross for you but sometimes they are SOOO good.  Like when i’m HAMMERED from alcohol, and tonight feels like a junkie night that I deserved from working’ and movin’ and cleanin’

Tomorrow if I wake up in time I’m going to take KICK at 9:15am,  if not I’ll go to a different class or go and do my own thing.  Either way, it will be a good gym day.

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