Time change and…time change, yah.

I don’t know if it’s that I haven’t fully adjusted to the time change yet, or if the hard futon on the floor bit, or if I have SO much on my mind.  But I cannot go to sleep at a decent hour.  It is now…4:45am here in NY and I’m AWAKE.   My alarm will go off at 10am to wake me to hang out with Daaaannaa.  Yes, some of you are jealous.  Daaaaaanaa,  “short” for Dana…moved to Florida from CA, where I met her.  We have been good friends for a few years and she has family here in NY she was visiting and *I* get to have coffee and catch up with her tomorrow, well – in a few hours from now.  So I need to try to sleep.

It’s terrible thinking Antoan is going to get up soon for work.  It’s mean that I want to call my lovey and say “I’M AWAKE”, no I take that back – it would be mean if I did that, not just thought it.  But he works very hard and has terribly long days, and I love him and want him to have his rest, therefore I will not wake him up.  I also could call any of my friends in CA and say the same thing, but again…I love my friends too and want them to have their rest.

I moved to wordpress.com

Big move.  All of my LJ got imported and I can do more stuff here.  Which I will eventually get to.

Ugh.  I need to go lay down.

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  1. I like wordpress better (as a blogger).

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