Today, John

I couldn’t decide if it would be worth it to try to sleep or not.  I had no idea how many songs he would sing, how long the line would be, and what if I had to go to the bathroom??? No, no I’m not 23 anymore.  I can’t stand in line for 3 hours, to be let in, to wait 3 hours until the concert starts, to wait through two bands until I see him.  No, I couldn’t do it.

So a disco nap it was.  Midnight I fell asleep and my alarm went off at 2 am.  I contemplated the line, and questioned the humidity and scheduled rain, I didn’t have anyone going with me, I was tired but its John Mayer and he’s singing for free, so I agreed to give myself one more hour of sleep.  Turned out just fine.  =)

I woke up, brushed my teeth, spritzed my face, put some jeans and shirt on and left the house.  I hailed a gypsy cab to Rockefeller plaza and the line was already down one side of the block and had turned the corner.  I didn’t fear.  I sat and leaned against a pole and read my book.  It was 4am.  It wasn’t cold, it was actually very nice outside, which made me fear the sun rising with the heat.  I saw tons of young adults, teens and their parents, and families.  I couldn’t help but wonder if some of these people came out here, to NY …JUST to see John @ the Today Show.  Eventually I found out I was right, to which I humbly replied “wow.”  I mean…I had to sleep another hour before reminding myself its JOHN MAYER and ITS FREE.  I shrug.

The line eventually moved and we were in the gates by 6am.

A  mom had what I assumed was her daughter and her daughters friends with her and she made sure no one cut in front of them, or me hahaha, and she placed me at the front by the railing.  I was 3 feet rom the mixing board and maybe…20-30 yards from John. John came out and did a sound check around 6:30am.  We screamed, we hooted, we hollered, we sang along.  Then he checked the same songs again.  Its fun hearing him play and in the middle go “can I have more vocals please” then go right back into singing.  Its like having a backstage pass..ish.   And note to self, although “shape-ups” are indeed the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned, they are designed for movement, standing still in them makes my feet fall asleep, over and over and over again.

Then John left the stage and said he’d see us in a bit, moments later the speakers echoed the voices of Matt L., and Meredith.  Because I was directly behind the sound station or “booth”…whatever you want to call it, they had tv monitors and I got to watch the broadcast.  It didn’t seem right to have the news be about such crazy things like a flood and the murder of a young girl, but I understood the news was news, and it had to be reported.  *I* stayed positive and occasionally let out an extended “wooohooo” when they played a John song during “commercial breaks.

Marketing people, that’s what I will call them, were walking up and down the main aisle and handing out presents.  Free stuff.  Everyone loves free stuff!!!  But they didn’t even acknowledge our side of the aisle.  The young girls next to me and behind me were more upset than I was, I had an inkling it was for some camera shot so they needed everyone over there to have the fun stuff.  But we can’t have favoritism can we.

So I proceeded to attempt to get their attention.  “Behind you!!” “Over here”  Once i started, my whole side started.  At one point there was almost a competition – fun and light hearted mind you, with winning in mind still, of course =)  I tried humor and responded to what other people were saying.  “I’m tall, you’ll be able to see the shirt” and I responded (loudly) “i’m big, you’ll be able to READ the shirt” laughter on my side, point Aiy – but no presents.  I tried a few more “behind you’s” with the crowd and when all seemed lost I said something like “I’ve been awake for thirty seven hours, why do you hate me????!!!” and as if they were on a remote they turned and handed out floofy plushy microphones to my side, scoring one for myself, of course, and for the people I was potentially “with” at this point.  

But alas, no shirt – they never even looked our direction.

I’m under the extreme impression it’s because they were all mediums – bastards!  hahahah sigh.

Eventually the news people came outside and spoke with people waiting in the front row for the concert, Al went atop this “lift” and said something about “his people his people” and that he loved his “evita moments.” on his way back he was shakin’ hands and passed down the aisle separating me from the sound booth and gave the people in my row high fives.  I believe he’s shorter than me.

Then the was more news and in the eight o’clock hour the Matt L, Al R., and Meredith came back out and were on a platform they did a bit…or something up there and on their way back through Mr. Matt L. passed me and I said “good morning” to which he nodded and smiled and replied with “morning” and continued to walk back into the building.  Meredith was taking pictures with “the side we hate” – some of us called it that cause they got everything.  Sunglasses that said the Today show, fun foamy microphones, T-shirts with the concert series on the back, the were getting interviews with their signs – we hated them.  So as soon a she took a last picture, she too, walked down the aisle between me and the sound booth and I said “can I get a quick picture?” she smiled, and obliged and moved on.

More time passed and John came back out sporting a yellow button up (button down?) shirt and highwater plaid golf pants – well that’s what *I’m* calling them. (full length shot courtesy of gossipcenterdotcom.)  Oddly enough moments after he began singing Ro texted me and asked what his clothes were about, and I responded ” I TOLD him not to wear them, but I think he just did it to piss me off”  Boys will be boys. (wink)

For the most part, people were quiet.  We stood there and chatted, but it was not a “concert” feel.  While John played I did not scream, it’s not polite – I’m far too loud and would overpower him even mic’d  =) and we wanted to hear him, not me.  But rest assured, the moment the song was over my arms were up and hooting and hollerin’ and yellin’.  During a “commercial” break the sound guy looked over at me and smiled and stuck his finger in his ear and said “you need to work on that, it’s piercing” to which I smiled and said “it’s piercing BECAUSE I’ve worked on it”  He said “I have to mix though!” and I smiled and said I haven’t and I wouldn’t do it while he was singing.  It seemed to be a silent agreement with his nod and sly grin.

John only sang three songs. None of which are my favorites, not even one.  Shrug.  At some point during the last song, I think, a camera man did pan and come to our side of the aisle and providing they used his live footage you could’ve/would’ve seen me say “hi mom” and sing into my foamy microphone and scream, but alas – I don’t know, and I shrug again.  By 9am it was over and I had heard Waiting On The World to Change about 5 times, Half of my heart about 5 times, and Crossroads about 3.

Large sporadic rain drops began to pelt us and I thought about how I didn’t know where the nearest train was and wouldn’t it be funny if I got drenched.  Then I blinked and said “sound guy! sound guy!” and asked him to pose like when I would scream, with his fingers in his ears. hahahah  And then I asked for a picture with him and he obliged and said have a good day and he smiled and said you too.  The rain?! The rain, its okay, I didn’t get soaked.  It stayed light and I found the B-Train and got off at 110th, and waited for the C-Train (they share some of the same stops) and I got home safely.

Was it worth the lack of sleep?  Maybe, its good to have experiences like that.  I mean, I’m here aren’t I?!

Would I do it again? Um, for just three songs – and THOSE three songs…probably not.  I’m not a hater I’m just not 23 anymore. I don’t have the stamina or spine (literally) to sit or stand on pavement for that long.  But if a VIP pass or something was involved, youbetcha.

Glad I did it?  Of COURSE.  I’m so lucky to be in a place that has all of these fun offerings.  New York is like a buffet.  I’ll go and get my fill on some experience, and when I want something else I’ll go out again and get my fill again.

But now?  I must sleep.  My whole sleeping schedule (if you can call it that) is thrown for sure, but it’s not like it’s everyday.  It was just “Today” (see how I did that?  did ya catch that?  it was just “today” like today but also the Today show?  You like that?yaaahhhhh

yay day.


My mom saw me on the Today Show

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  1. I absolutely love it and love you! 😉 Glad you are taking advantage of the exciting experiences over in the East Coast. 🙂 xo

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