the more you know….(shooting star)

so, I read a book.  After the book I took the “profile.”  Its like a quiz to find out what my “primary love language” is.  What’s yours you wonder?

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  1. Why i did indeed wonder! how did you know? 🙂 so i took the long drawn out own and i, i kid you NOT, scored an 8 on THREE of them. A three-way tie, my friend. Crazy. It was between Words of Affirmation, Quality Time and Touch. I got 6 on Touch and Gifts was a zero….Which isn’t exactly true, i do have the capacity to appreciate gifts but they don’t give me a big love high. (But i will hang onto a carebear shirt from my Mimka FOREVER because i know she was saying she loved me when she gave it. And carry her postcard around in my purse) So anyway, i agree with it and i realized something as i was taking it. As much as i have said “oh i am not a ‘words person’ actions speak louder, I am a ‘service person’.” The truth is, I am a words person, words are amazing and when they are real and true they feed my soul in a big way. But I have been verbally abused by them too, for years and years. so i just…stopped. And there is a really big wall there and its scary. And that realization made me cry a little. ❤

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