Fourth day of Vacay, FL

I slowly pulled my eyes open and saw Sammybear running to the bathroom with his dad following saying something about time to take a bath. It was 7:50am I sat up, then five minutes later laid back down. I was going to go with Mr. Gutter to drop off the Honeybear so I can see where his school is, and that way if I need to pick him up or take him over there at all this week, they would know who I am–I needed to “get on the list” as it were. But first, a cup of coffee and all my vitamins.

It was gloomy outside already, well in color it was grey, but it was still warm feeling and sprinkly though. Mr. Gutter, Honeybear and myself loaded up in the car and drove the five-ish mintues to his school. The tallest building was two stories. There was more grass and trees than cars or buildings. No horns were honking, no ambulances were driving by. The intersections turned red lights and no gypsy cab zoomed through honking, no old lady waved her can while walking across the street (yes this happens in NY, often enough for me to call it “normal”). The mall we drove by I remembered from last August, it had the movie theatre in it Jenn and I had gone to see Eat Pray Love . It was on floor, I think, we didn’t go through stores too much, but I remember some pretzel place with a ridiculous name, like Twists n Cream …or something–I have a picture, I should find it and post it…Anyway we’re driving I we get there, we sign him in and Mr. Gutter shows me where Sammy’s cubby is for his stuff and we see school photo-proofs.

This. kid. is. adorable.

It’s just ridiculous. One proof he’s in a striped shirt and vest with a fidora hat, the other in a shirt that says “sports” and he has a visor that says “soccer” on it and he’s holding a soccer ball. His dimples are so cute I might throw up.

We wave goodbye and head back home where I enjoy two bowls of Captain Crunch Berries Cereal and another cup of coffee. Boyfriend Jenn comes out and we look at photo albums she’s put together via snapfish of some events. Events like her wedding, her and Mr. Gutter driving cross country, Sammybear’s 3rd birthday. It makes me want to make albums too. I load up (almost) all my pictures to snapfish because they take up too much room on my harddrive, I should bother to put some together. I love pictures. I love memories.

Then Jenn went in to feed the baby and lay down, Mr. Gutter reclined in his chair with a blanket and I curled up with a blanket on the couch, and fell asleep.

Three hours later I sat up, pleased with nap time and indulged in fried chicken and potato salad and green salad we had left over. I fiddled online more looking at fold up bikes and we watched TV, and IM’d Cincinnati which was lovely. Then I decided to take a shower and read my play a little bit for acting class. Ro called by around 8pm and we chatted. We haven’t spoken on the phone, just to talk in a while haha well–we live together, and if we ever talk on the phone it’s like “wait where are you?” or we text or you know…talk in person. It was nice to chat though. Talking to her everyday leaves me with withdraws when I’m no there heh.

Then I walked in the house and Mr. Gutter was making milkshakes. Complete with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, milk and peanut butter. It was a perfect texture and flavor and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

We watched Fringe and I purchased a memory foam topper for my bed at home online because it was on sale for half off, that’s a win for me. I ate a few doritos dipped in sour cream and had some milk and now it’s 11:30pm, I think I’ll sleep. Or maybe have some chicken. I don’t know. Laziness and eating are my friends right now, my long lost friends. It feels early, considering I’m normally just getting home now and preparing to do homework, then I realize I’m not in NY, it’s super quiet and the babester and honeybear will be awake before ya know it.

I wanna text my pie-friend, but again–it’s getting late.

Tomorrow I shall read my play, or at least some of it, and perhaps some of Book VI in Plato’s Republic so I can do my outline for my writing assignment, and eventually bust out a first draft. I’m gonna have to go back to each of these posts and plug in a few pictures…maybe I’ll do that tomorrow too. But also, maybe I’ll do nothing.

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