Fifth day of Vacay, FL

I slept last night. For hours. And I’m pretty sure you could do surgery on me I was just…out. Woke up with sleep marks on my face and everything. I didn’t hear Sammybear wake up, I didn’t hear the baby all night, and I’m told he was up a few times. Didn’t hear Jenn in the kitchen getting cereal in the middle of the night as she said she was. Didn’t hear Mr. Gutter playing his video games–nothing. I sat up at 9:30am a little disoriented, and in love with sleep.

I answered some emails and helped with some laundry. Had some cereal and coffee, as I have been this week then took to the table with Dory (my computer) and started to pick out a schedule of classes for Fall semester. In the middle of picking out classes I stopped and put real clothes on (as oppose to my soft pants and tank top) and some make up and accompanied boyfriend Jenn and Ferb to K-Mart.

His first outting! hahaha Jenn picked up some baby clothes, Ferb is a little small even for the onesies and I suggested trying to find Halfzies, but we couldn’t find any. I got some more travel size shampoo and we headed towards the JC Penny. I picked out a $3 necklace and a $15 silver chain to replace the one I broke, and a mini-blender thing similar to the Magic Bullet but not as many pieces. I don’t need all those pieces, but I needed exactly what I found and what I got–and I got it in red!

Then we headed home and I continued laundry, had some fried chicken–oh yes I did– then I finished my schedule thing and started my writing assignment. The honeybear and Mr. Gutter arrived from the store and Mr. Gutter ordered pizza, of which I had 2 pieces. One piece of the pepperoni and red bellpepper, and one piece of the white sauce with bacon and mushrooms. Jenn and I have such similar opinions on so many things, it’s nice. Then I took to Plato and began to read and semi-research my next paper based on the topic of the Forms Visible and Intelligible.”

I hear Jeopardy on in front of me, and Sammybear in the tub counting to four and playing with his dinosaurs. I’m debating on purchasing Alias, all seasons (but not in the box) because I’ve been wanting them for a while and watching them motivates me to kick ass in all things in my life. Half dot come is a great place to do this, but I’m not sure. Then it’s time to watch Biggest Loser which I’ve never seen an episode of, and also it’s cocktail hour. Have I mentioned that? Every night Mr. Gutter and I have a cocktail or two during the end of the night. It’s nice. Also had an ice cream cup, those cute ones we used to have when we were little. The ones with the wooden spoon attached on top. These ones didn’t have the spoon, we didn’t need it, but still–ice cream cup was cute. So that was a win.

So we’re watching Biggest Loser and sometimes we have to pause so I can get background information and several times I tear up a bit then I suck back the tears. Stupid sad yet triumphant music! Stupid life altering experiences! Stupid stupid! sigh. Got teary eyed at the end too, but no tears ever fell down the cheeks. I can see why people get attached to this show though. It is full of loss and gain, in different ways. It’s about peeling away so much more than pounds of the physical self, it’s definitely emotional and mental as well. I just don’t know if I could watch it every week.

Then we watch Law & Order SVU, which is a popular show among Joshifer–and they’ll get no complaints from me, I like it too. Eventually it’s bed time for everyone and I head into “the florida room” where I’ll be sleeping. I see a friend online and chat with her for a good portion of the now-early morning, then I’m off to sleep by 3am. In the newly clean, and extremely soft sheets I realize I need a pedicure.

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