Sixth day of Vacay, FL

I woke up around 9:30am. Having slept on the couch the previous nights of my stay (Mr. Gutter’s dad was also visiting. He offered the florida room when I arrived and I declined, the couch is quite comfy), I was actually a bit disoriented waking in a bed, and in a room full of light. I sat up and put my slippers on and walked out and went straight for cereal and coffee. These have become my normal morning things, and I would love breakfast to become part of my normal life–it’s just that when I have to be out the door by 6am, breakfast doesn’t sound good…

Anyway! I had my cereal and coffee, we watched TV and I stared at the baby. Sammybear was already at school so I fooled around more online looking at crap…because I can then read some of my play for class. The play I have to read is In the Boom Boom Room I’m doing a monologue from it, and like a good little actor, I’m reading the whole play. Then I go to Dory, my computer, and purchase Alias, all five seasons from half dot com. Totally worth it, can’t wait for them to arrive. I also decide I am displeased with my gym because of how little it has to offer. Granted it’s extremely inexpensive. $10/ month. The gym offers a cardio equipment, lots of them and weights both freeweights and a-la-machines. I find that I can get a great discount through work and am anxious to take a tour and (probably) sign up at this new gym offering classes, a pool, sauna, whirlpool, steam room in addition to the cardio equipment and weights for $25/month. Sounds like a win to me . I tell Ro, because I can sign her up on my account for the same amount and she tells me she’ll french me later. It’s hilarious when she says that–every.single.time.

Joshifer is taking off for a small outing and I ask to borrow Jenn’s car to run an errand or two and I’m handed the keys. They go and I put on real clothes and head out the door. Good thing I was just going down the street, I would get lost here I’m sure. In route to my original destination I pass the mall and think for a split second, then detour and park in the mall parking lot. This is a very small mall, like what SLO mall used to be when it had Millers Outpost. Smaller even, as it is one floor only. I have no idea what I’m going in for, I just know I feel like wandering around. I turn the corner and see a hair salon, I chuckle and walk in and say “I don’t have an appointment, does anyone have time for a cut & color” The lady smiles and looks at her schedule and says “2:30pm” Which was in fifteen minutes. I smile and say I’ll take it and give her my name. I turn to leave and tell her I’ll be right back. I meander and see a little kiosk with a necklace that I like. Rather a stone strapped to a leather string and I just stare at it. I like it. I look at the rings and try some on, rings with gems/rocks/stones in them and soon enough it’s 2:30. I was going to get a fun coffee drink, but alas my time was up so I headed back to the salon. I explain to Zelda, my stylist, what I want and she busts out her color swatches and I choose one. Then we talk hair cut and she gets started and I continue reading my play.

Then I hear a great noise.
It is a loud noise.

The only thing I can think of to describe it is a power-wash cycle for your car when you go those car-washes at shell gas. It’s heavy and powerful and LOUD. Zelda sees that I’ve stopped reading my play and I’m staring a bit and she goes “that’s the rain.” And I almost flip out. almost. THAT’S RAIN???? She laughs, “you don’t rain like that in New York do you?” No. No, well–I haven’t experienced any storms with crazy thunder, lightning and rain yet, but I’m sure I will. She keeps brushing color into my hair and my phone vibrates and I see it’s Mr. Gutter calling.

“are you drivin’ in this?”
“NO. hahaha NO WAY.

he tells me wherever I am to stay there and wait out the rain and will lighten up soon enough, and if it doesn’t that he’ll come and get me because driving in it is…worse than horrible. I say okay, to everything he says and tell him I’m not goin’ anywhere soon because I’m getting my hair cut and colored. He laughs and says ok!

4:30pm rolls around and Zelda is finishing drying and styling my hair. Minimal style–I don’t “do” styles. And then I hear “it looks terrible” and I can see Mr. Gutter in the mirror. “Hey Mr. Gutter!” He smiles and tells me he came by to get flashlights and candles in case the power goes out, and thought he’d come find me. Then he compliments my hair. yay! It looks and feels SO much better than it had two hours prior. I pay Zelda and head out. Just before I reach the door I think of that necklace and those rings and I head back. $9.74 later, the necklace and two rings are mine. After I held the necklace I knew I wanted it. I knew it would bring some balance and good energy–I absolutely believe in that stuff. I head towards the car again, and after five paces I turn around and go to the coffee shop. I ask if they have vanilla chai, Jenn wanted that yesterday but they were out, they were still out but said they should have it by tomorrow. I got a mud slide espresso thing and a cannoli. I sat and enjoyed said cannoli then threw out my plate and grabbed my coffee and headed to the car, for reals this time.

I drove the maybe mile home and pulled into the driveway excited that I remembered where the hell to go and walked in the door and got a hug from Sammybear. Man that kid is cute. He hugged me and told me, with much excitement, that he got his own flashlight. I set my stuff down and showed Jenn my hair and had her sip my coffee, then I sat down and played online for a bit. Moments later Jenn asked if I could make the rice tonight–uh…YAH I CAN. hahaha. She didn’t have a rice steamer so she made it in a pan and I threw in the rest of the ingredients and we had it with dinner tonight. It. Was. Yum. And I also IM’d with my friend in London, he’s fun.

Later perhaps, nay probably… an ice cream cup or a Klondike bar, while Joshifer watch Jeopardy. I will read more of my play and tomorrow finish said play and look at Plato with my new rings and necklace and hair and rested mind and discuss the question of the Forms “Visible and Intelligible.” I got a B+ on my first writing assignment in writing, and a D- in Philosophy, both have to do with Plato. Shrug

And now for a hysterical laugh with Joshifer regarding Mr. Gutter driving his dad to the aiport. (laughing in the house ensues, until pain in the abs are achieved).

My cousin Jorelle (and maybe Michael?) is going to come see me saturday before I have to get back to the airport, that’s a win for sure. And soon, I’ll bother plugging pictures into these blogs. Soon.

The little man slept on me for 2 1/2 hours while we watched a movie (Morning Glory with Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams) and I DID have a heath-Klondike bar. marvelous. marvelous. marvelous.

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  1. It just amazes me that you can make such a nice simple day. So fun & interesting to read about! You are a writer extraordinaire! (sp) Just wanted to say that.;)

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