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Good morning.

During this wonderful, calming and might I say well-deserved vacation in Florida, I have finally had time to clear my head and think of some important things. Joshifer and kids are marvelous for letting me stay with them, eat their food and take up space as a useless lump, pretty much–other than the occasional helpful Auntie moment. But still, good thinking has ensued. Therefore it is with a clear and focused head that I called my friend Ro only moments after Mr. Gutter telling me my Maamm had just called and he chatted with her about me without telling my news, but expressing the fact that I’ve been thinking. It is with all of that I say this:::

My plane ride back to New York is this saturday, and I will not be on it.
I will not be returning to New York –that feels really..weird to say.

I spoke with Ro, and I will pay Aprils rent, and possibly May’s rent to help out– and she will (graciously) pack my stuff and I will pay to have it all shipped out to me here, in Florida–where I’ll be, with Joshifer and Sammybear and the new little guy. Here I will help them with their boys. I will not pursue a degree in theatre, I will absolutely go for my esthetician license and…live.

I will still come home, to CA, in June. Mr. Gutter said he’ll help me change my ticket from JFK airport to out of Orlando or Tampa.

No more school.
No more green apron.
No more New York.


























:::april fools:::

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  1. Carrie Balsamo

    HAHAH!!!! You know WHY I didnt see this? Because your blog sends me EMAILS, so I read them in GMAIL. It must have cut it off! Cause it stopped right after “No more new york”. What an asshole blog.

    I love you.

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