Seventh day of Vacay, FL

The thunder roared the house all night. An extended, low, rolling thunder followed immediately and constantly by a bright white/blue light that made me believe aliens were coming to abduct me and steal ovaries or something.

That was most of the night. The florida room in their house is full of windows letting in all kinds of light during the day, and the lack of window coverings lets my imagination fun when the side of the house has a light on and it blinks with the thunder and lightning. I didn’t actually feel scared, I just stared and waited to see aliens

They never came, but 10:30am did, eventually and I rolled over and sat up. I didn’t feel all to rested, though some would say I had slept in, sleep doesn’t feel like sleep unless you wake up feeling rested. I put my eyedrops in to wet my contacts and I walked out to the kitchen.


The thunder continued to roar and I watched the news with Jenn as people seemed to take turns telling us to stay away from windows and we’re on tornado warning until 1pm at a minimum. The house lit up occasionally with white-blue lights followed quickly and strongly with sounds of crunching thunder. Eventually Jenn changed the channel and the House marathon ensued.

In my attempt to be productive I went back to the florida room, after a couple episodes of House, to read play. It’s not a very interesting play and I tend to get a bit lost in why these people are together, but I made it through Act I and took a shower and put semi-real clothes on. House was still on even though Joshifer and the little guy had left to run an errand and an episode or so later the door knocked and it was Jenn without her keys. Mr. Gutter dropped her and the little guy off and he went to run another errand. We watched House, then switched to Law and Order while the babester slept. Then I had lasagna and three chocolate chip cookies, which I later only regretted because my stomach growled for an hour trying to digest everything.

My body isn’t use to eating nearly as much as I have been. Which is three times a day currently. Normally there is coffee involved, and maybe one meal either in the middle of my day or at the end of it. I’ve gained weight back for sure, not just from this vacation but from this year in general I’ve had more to eat. Some would call that an eating disorder, others would call it a diet, others a good method for weight loss–I call it surviving, which is not normally placed under “healthy.” After thinking I for sure have gained weight I went online to buy new work pants from Old Navy, and sure enough my size isn’t available. That’s a tilde win.

Jenn and I watch more House and we visit and yap while the baby sleeps, then Mr. Gutter gets home and we all watch TV.  Then I pick up the play I’m reading and lay on the couch to read through Act II stopping ever so often to watch some of Law and Order with them.  I finally get through the play, it’s a weird play and I don’t understand why it exists, and I’m also doing a monologue from it for class but it’s not a piece from the main character–which is good because she is annoying as hell–she’s actually a small part and I prefer it that way.  With perseverance I finished that silly play and  earned a brownie and jamie & coke.  We watched Law and Order SVU and some game show called Wipeout then Jenn went to bed and Mr. Gutter and I watched The Hangover–which I’d never seen.

Bed was at 3 am and the sun woke me up at 10am by shining through the windows onto my face. UVA Rays! UVA Rays!

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