Eighth day of Vacay, FL

I woke up to my phone vibrating from a text from someone I texted around 1am with an April Fools and he laughed and said “very funny.” Hey, I try.  Before, and after that happened:

I posted my April Fools Blog at 12:45am on April 1, 2011.  Boyfriend Jenn had helped me plot the sneaky yet probably ploy.  I posted a “I may have some news” post on facebook 10 minutes to midnight to prepare the  audience for the blog.  I posted a blog titled “My News” stating I wasn’t going to leave Florida and return to New York.  I was prepared for my phone to ring off the hook from calls and text messages, I was prepared for people to throw swear words and exclamation points and questions marks my way, but alas the joke was apparently on me as everyone who responded did so with encouragement and support.  Some may think I’m silly for thinking my friends would support me and encourage me, to those “some” I say “you’d be surprised who calls themselves my friend then are mean and let me down, time and time again.”  And so, I shrug and say that wasn’t the best April Fools Joke of all time, but it did piss my Maamm off, and that was funny to me.



Hear about the going-on’s of the middle of the night that I apparently slept through, including but not limited too: Sammybear waking up at 4am and hiding in a kitchen cupboard and making noise enough to make his mom think someone was actually on the roof, trying to get in.  Then she wakes and can’t find him and only bits of hell brake loose, but the kiddo got yelled at for sure for being out of bed, hiding in the cabinet and later climbing on the counter and dumping sugar everywhere, and eating it by the spoonfuls.  Both his parents scolded him at different times, with volume–and I missed it and slept right through it.

Then Joshifer and the little guy and I geared up for a walk outside around the “block.”  Oh, you noticed the quote did you?  That’s because really we are in a very lush and green and full-of-plant-life area where there are few houses and their street loops around some kind of mini lake–or swamp…heh.  It was a lovely day out with blue skies and all that green stuff, the plants…We encountered no alligators on this walk.  That’s considered a win.  Upon our return Jenn said she wanted Chili’s Chicken Enchilada Soup–which I had only yesterday expressed needing a recipe for on facebook, we are sometimes confused as being the same person we have so much in common–so we all climbed in the car and went to Chili’s.

I had a margarita, caesar salad and chicken enchilada soup–if you’re remember that’s what I had at the airport waiting to leave JFK and get to Orlando.  It’s the best combo I have found at Chili’s.  Jenn got the soup and a salad as well, Mr. Gutter got ribs as in”I want my babybackbabybackbabybackbabybackbabyback…ribs, I want my  babybackbabybackbabybackbabybackbabyback…ribs…Chiliiiiiiiiiii’s bbaaaaaabbybackribs! (Barbeque sauce).”  We had a nice little lunch then decided to stay out and play a bit more.  But, we didn’t have the stroller–so we went back to the house, driving the 3-5 miles back with ease (I think of 3-5 miles in New York and go…1-2 hours…) grab the stroller and put leftovers in the fridge and we head to the mall.

The mall, that cute little place a mile down the road with a Kmart and JCPenny and Belk, 2 hair salons, a movie theatre a few kiosks and that great pretzel place I finally saw and remembered “Magic Twists and Cream.”  Yah.  There food court is in the middle of the mall, and lit by the sky as it is covered only by what appears to be a giant circus tent.  There is a nail place somewhere in the mall and a couple portrait places, there a Sears–like I said, just like the SLO mall during the Miller’s Outpost days when “Claire’s” was the newest, youngest and by far the coolest store in there…There is also a Claires in the mall here, in Crystal Rivers.  (dot dot dot)

I fancied a fun coffee drink for myself at the cute coffee shop.  I chose “Sunny Dayz” which was espresso (duh) milk, caramel, white cocoa and butterscotch.  I don’t know WHY I was surprised when it was too sweet.  It sounded good but I needed half the syrup and twice the coffee and milk.  I got Jenn a Vanilla Chai and met up with them again during their pursuit of stein mugs for the house, to which they were not victorious.  Sad face.  They wanted ice cream, so we went to Magic Twists and Cream (pause …) and I looked over and noticed the Hurricane Simulator…

I noticed this fun looking piece of machinery back in August during my visit, Jenn and I wanted to put Sam in there, but we didn’t because we are not mean–pause again?  heh.  I looked back at Jenn and asked if I should do it, and without missing a beat she said absolutely.  Then I chickened out and Mr. Gutter told me I had to sack up.  Two dollars later I was standing in this yellow tube with a see-through door and a countdown on the screen behind me.  Slowly I felt a breeze begin.  Quickly the breeze picked up and in less than seconds I was standing and laughing with my hair lifting everywhere in a 78 mph wind cage. It was not terrible.  I actually laughed.  There were moments where the air was too much, the way it feels when you roll down your window and the wind hits you and you can’t really breathe–like that.  Then I looked out to see Joshifer laughing and as I was laughing I yelled “Aunty Em! Uncle Henry!!”  later I yelled out “Toto!!!!”  It didn’t last long, but long enough.  I’m glad it was only wind and not water included, that would’ve…not…been…fun. heh

So we left the mall, after Jenn tried on a dress she didn’t end up actually liking and buying two rings from the same place I bought mine earlier in the week and we climbed in the car and headed home.  Mr. Gutter dropped us off and he headed back out to pick up Sammybear from school and Jenn and I watched Grey’s Anatomy, the most recent episode.  I’ve seen Season one; the first two episodes, and the most recent episode.  One of these days I’ll actually watch all those ones in between.  Today is not that day, though.  I almost cried a couple times, but never actually had any tears roll down my eyes.

Sammybear walked in wearing a cute hate and sporting his Spiderman backpack.  He walked in and kissed his mom, dropped off his bag came back and hug and kissed me then went to kiss his little brother.  Then I puked because of his cuteness.

No. Not really.

We were still watching Grey’s Anatomy and he sat on the floor eating his McFlurry his dad got him on the way home.  After the show was over Honeybear went to his room and grabbed a book then climbed up on my lap and he read my some stories by Dr. Seuss.  After about 2 1/2 stories he was finished and wanted to watch Scooby-Doo in the florida room, so we did.  After that he wanted to watch Power Rangers, so we did.  After that he wanted to go play outside in the backyard for a bit, so we did.  After that he wanted hot chocolate, so we went inside after putting the digging tools away in the back yard and took our shoes off by the door, and made hot chocolate.  He was actually…very mellow during all of this.  His transitions from one thing to another were calm and clear.  After I handed him his hot chocolate he laid down on the couch in the florida room and asked to watch Little Einsteins and said he thought he’d save the hot chocolate for later.  I smiled and said that was fine.  we watched Little Einsteins and his mom brought him some pasta for dinner, but he didn’t eat it.  He just laid on the couch.  by 7:45pm I asked if he wanted to put his jammies on or if he wanted to eat or drink anything else before bed time. He just stood up and said “yah, I’ll put my new scooby-doo jammies on” and walked out of the room.  A few minutes later he came back to say goodnight with daddy, then said goodnight to his mom and little brother and went to bed.  Jenn said he felt feverish as well earlier and had given him something to lower his fever.  Poor little guy also had a bit of a cough.  Hope he feels better in the morning.

I ate my left over caesar salad and soup from lunch–see it was a bottomless lunch deal.  I could’ve had as many plates of salad, and or bowls of soup I wanted while I was in that restaurant, but I had one set there and took one set home–wish I could’ve brought home a pot of this soup.  Then I gave Jenn a bit of a pedicure and we watched What Women Want followed by an episode of Blue Bloods, and I had some chicken followed by three chocolate chip cookies and the continuing of laundry–of which I busted out 3 loads of laundry today.  Mine, the little guy’s, and Honeybear’s.  Sometimes I’m productive and helpful.

And sometimes I just stare at that Plato book knowing I have a paper due on thursday, a monologue to memorize by wednesday, classes to get up early for, shifts to cover at work–but then I blink and reach for my phone and send off texts instead, open my computer and type and email and shop instead (bought two pairs of work clothes tonight, they finally had my size online since I can’t get my size in the stores).

The feelings of dread and overwhelming madness are beginning to make themselves known again and it’s almost time to face reality again.

But before that, my cousin Jorelle is coming to visit tomorrow, I’m gonna play with Honeybear and maybe video chat with my Maamm.  I’ll probably have more chicken and chocolate chip cookies even though burping that combination is no good.  I’ll probably text Mr. Sexypants since he wants to know when I’ll be home,  and I’ll text my pie-friend about starting a 500 piece puzzle this week while drinking wine because I want to do boring things with him, he’s awesome and a welcomed break from my life.  He’s nice to look at, too.  And after I do that texting, but before I visit with my cousin and get on a plane heading back to New York, I’m going to sleep again, without an alarm clock.



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  1. you got me good you little sucker. now i found another woman that enjoys April Fool’s as much as my mom. 🙂 Love You. I’m glad you decided to go back, because you are wayyyyyy to gifted not to be on the BIG screen. 🙂


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