Ninth day of Vacay, FL to NY

The light from the sun shined in my eyes again to gently, but immediately wake me and I rolled over and sat up, dropped in my eye drops and slipped on my slippers and walked out to the kitchen.  The family was up and at ’em and I just-woke-up-smiled and waved and without speaking went for the cereal and coffee.  I finished off the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and used chose the Chocolate mint creamer in my coffee.  If I have a fun creamer, I don’t use sugar–it’s not needed.  It was 10am.

I ate my cereal and watched whatever show was on and slowly woke up and went online for a bit.  by 10:30 I hopped in the shower and got dressed.  I began packing what I had that was clean and laundry was going.  So I went into to play with Sammy bear.  He handed me a couple of “men” and said we were fighting but my men couldn’t fly, only his could.  He had Batman and what looked to be a transformer, and I had the Joker and what looked like some guy in a black suit with a big helmet and weird laser gun-thing.

After a half an hour or so of playing Mr. Gutter came in to tell us we had company.  We were expecting cousin Jorelle, and there she was!! Hugs Hugs Hugs and I noticed her toenails weren’t painted (shakes head) JORELLE! If you’re gonna show ’em PAINT ’em! hahahah Then she and visited for a bit in Sammybear’s room while he showed her all his movies and tried to hide from her.  A little bit later we went out to the backyard where Sammybear gave Jorelle a farming weapon (I say weapon, it’s just a plastic farming tool like a rake, hoe, shovel) and they play making piles and destroying them.  It was entertaining.  Eventually we all went back inside and it was time for Sammy to have some lunch and Jorelle and I had some leftover rice and talked about our love for bacon.  After lunch we went into the florida room and watched TV with Sammybear until Jorelle had to go.  EXCELLENT visiting time!

She totally left her coffee tumbler at the house–oops.

I finished gathering all my stuff, clean laundry and toiletries, and I packed everything up then had some ravioli’s and doritos and flat ironed my hair, then added some make up to my face.  I feel better about myself when I have make up on.

Kisses and hugs went all around and Mr. Gutter loaded up the car with my luggage and he drove me to Orlando International airport.  En route to said airport we passed a town called “Withlacoochee” and a body of water called “Lake Cooter”–way to go Florida.  The drive wasn’t too long, maybe an hour fifteen, hour and a half and he dropped me off by the curb right where I needed to be and gave me a hug and I headed into the airport.  I walked right up to a Delta self-check in station where someone came over to help me with my luggage and I printed out my boarding pass and headed to Security.

I stared in surprise and slight disgust.  6:15pm, flight took off at 7:30pm and security had a line the length of the “lobby” of the airport.  There were 6 lines and  a sign that said “15 minutes from this point” and I stood there thinking…it’s not Disneyland.  I checked in with Ro and she said it as NYC flight ride, and said “bet you wish you had a fast pass” to which I laughed out loud and got a few looks, I care not.  We slowly moved forward, and a few times I had to tell the girls in front of me to keep going.  They were maybe 8 years old or something, but not paying attention and weren’t moving forward and it was annoying.  “Ok….let’s pay attention” and then they’d move forward.  Some lady checks my I.D. and boarding pass, tells me I’ve lost weight since my picture and smiles then hands me stuff back and I get inline to let my carry on and purse go through security.  It’s a race against time as I approached the counter.  I have to get my shoes and belt off and take the laptop out of it’s case efficiently, using the least amount of space, not bumping into the people packed in front of me, or annoy the people behind me.  Everything starts to slide through the x-ray monitors and I walk through security just fine.  I quickly pack up the lap top and grab my belt and shoes and get out of the way. Once shoes and belt are back on I head towards the train-thing that will take me to my gate.  I arrive to my gat by 6:45 and they are going to start letting people on the plane in 10 minutes so I take my dramamine, and text a few people and get on the plane.

I have a window seat, I request a window seat every time I fly, so I have something to lean against when I sleep.  My chair will not recline and this makes me sad, but it does not compare to the 6-9 year old young boy yapping and complaining to his mom 4 seats away from me.  And it wasn’t better when she moved him to sit with his dad, who was sitting next to me.  So the kid ended up sitting next to me and kicked me enough time to where he got “the look.”  I took out my earphones and plugged them into the seat so I could hear the TV and I wadded up my sweatshirt to use as a pillow.

I immediately began to drift off.  That dramamine hits hard and fast, I appreciate it every time.  I do not, however appreciate, the screaming toddlers that wake me from my slumber,even with headphones on because they want something their mom won’t give them.  I turn the volume to the TV up and see that it’s Glee and I smile and nod off again to the sound of Rachel singing “Hello” with Jesse.  I’m in and out with the sounds of those toddlers and I want them to shut up.  I open my eyes and watch the rest of the show and then the HBO special behind the camera-thing about Mildred Pierce mini series starring Kate Winslet.  I want to see the mini series, and I want to yell at someone else’s kids.

Half an hour later we’re on the ground and it’s 9:50pm.  By the time I get off the plane, use the restroom, eat the fiber one bar in my bag, get my suitcase from baggage claim and take the AirTrain to my actual train, it’s 10:50pm.  I sit outside in the fifty-ish degree weather, layered a bit and I put my iPod on and wait fifteen minutes for the A-train to arrive.  It’s the middle of the night, so the A-train will making local stops–which is every stop, and instead of skipping any as an “express” train.  I have all my bags with me and close to me, and I shut the world out with my headphones and I close my eyes and lipsynch along with all the songs.  It’s a long ride home, I knew it would be.  I got to my stop and walked through the wind-tunnel of street and get to my door and take a moment before hauling everything up the five flights to my apartment.

I walk into my room and set everything down and glance at the clock. 12:25am.  There are boxes and mail that came for me sitting on the coffee table and I bring them in and Ro comes in to greet me and says my pizza is in the kitchen.  I had asked her right before my phone died to order me one–she is a life saver.  She asks me if I’m tired or if I wanna chat, and I’m not tired–actually.  So I take off my shoes and grab 3 pieces of pizza and head into her room where we talk about all kinds of stuff until 2:30am.  Then she helps me put my memory foam mattress topper on my bed and I finish getting ready for bed and put the left over pizza away in the fridge.

I set my alarm for 11am, just in case.  I work at 1pm, and need to be out the door by 12pm.  I woke up on my own, though, at 10am and immediately thought “I have a paper to write.”  I sat up and put my slippers on and got some oatmeal, then wrote this.

Now, it’s time to get ready for work and I’ll read Plato on the train.

We return to your regularly scheduled program.


Jorelle. flat iron. drive to Orlando FL airport, security…wow that line. arrived in time for dramamine and get on the place. all the kids and all the noise. Glee. Plane landed at 9:50pm.  by the time I go to the A-Train it was 10:50pm, because we had to get off the plane, baggage claim and take Air Train.  Arrived at my stop and carried suitcase, laptop and purse up those five flights.

Pizza. girl talk with Ro, got my girl scout cookies, put my memory foam pad on my mattress and curled up by 2:30am.

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