Ninth day of Vacay, CA (or a smile can make the day of travel worth it); 6/15/2011

Remember…I never finished all these vacation stories.  I have these notes, and because I don’t want to keep this in the “draft” section, I’m going to bullet point the rest of my vacation days from my June 2011 visit

* I woke up and packed my bags, Rik got home in time to hug me goodbye.  Man he’s cute.  Maamm took me to the airport.

*  As I was waiting in line to check my bags I heard someone say “your forgot this.”  I turned and it was Ginger!  She showed up with *our* ringpops.  That’s how we committed ourselves together forever, via ringpops.

*  I checked in, and we got breakfast wraps at the little store in the little SLOville airport, and I bought some tic tacs for like….a dollar fifty.  THEY ARE TIC TACS for crying out loud.  I also knew I’d be smooching the Mystery Man upon arrival, so it was a fairly good investment albeit expensive for what it was.

* I got through security check and hugged Ging and then stood on the other side waving to her, and her to me, for a few more minutes.  People thought we were hilarious.  oh good.

* I barely had time to pee at the LA airport before boarding for the flight to NY.  The dramamine had kicked in so I slept most of the time.  There was a baby crying a bit on the way home to NY but I fell back asleep and missed the worst of it, or so I was told

*  Manhattan looks pretty amazing from the sky.  The lights are bright.  The park is HUGE and it really is just a dinky little island.  heh.

*  I landed, texted the family in CA I was home, got my bags and walked out of baggage claime–and there he was…

Standing in a blue long sleeve shirt and jeans with a backwards hat on.  He smiled and blinked slowly– I walked towards him and he to me and I removed all my luggage draped on my and wrapped my arms around him.  He smelled good, and he felt like home feels when you wake up with no worries.  He pulled his head back a bit and planted his fooking beautiful mouth on mine and told me he missed me.  I freaking win.  We got in the car and as I was about to say I was hungry so I’d need to eat when we got home, if there was something near by, he said ‘I don’t know if you’re hungry, but I made you these”  They were homemade falafels.  With a homemade tahini dressing.  I don’t remember how many there were, I remember leaning over and kissing him and saying thank you–then shoving them in my mouth and licking the dressing off my fingers.  Damn good.  He drove us to my apartment, found parking and helped me carry my bags to the fifth floor.  Then I got ready for bed and curled up next to him.  Intertwining my legs with his and resting my head on his chest and wrapping my right arm around him, while both his arms wrapped around me.

Home is where you lay your head.

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