Eighth day of Vacay, CA (or how to appreciate what you haven’t seen); 6/14/2011

Remember…I never finished all these vacation stories.  I have these notes, and because I don’t want to keep this in the “draft” section, I’m going to bullet point the rest of my vacation days from my June 2011 visit

* Took mom to work, got a bagel and coffee from Broadway bagel, and spoke to Mystery Man for an hour or so.

*Had lunch at Upper Crust with Jax!!!  It had been a couple years since I’d seen him.  It was nice to be speaking to him again (nothing was ever wrong, we just…sort of lost touch for a bit).  And seeing him I was sooo happy!  I wore a cute dress outfit Ro let me borrow, and my new hat!  I looked like I lived in NY for once, but none of that actually mattered.

* We went and sat by a lake in Laguna Park (?) in SLOville.  I’d never been there.  We walked through a bit of lawn to a small deck where people would probably get on and off their boats.  We sat down and just chatted.  It was so beautiful.  And quiet, and peaceful.  The sun felt warm and perfect.  The water was lake-color, you know the kind, and the wind tossed it about.  I spoke about school, and work, and getting my esthetician license and getting my health back on track.  It was like time paused and just let me spend some good, quality time with a good friend.  The weather was perfect, the company was perfect.

*  Later I met up with Ginger for some one on one stuff.  I arrived and she was also in a cute dress and hat.  Great thinkers think alike.  I hate that cliche, but it’s true for this one–get off me.  Then we went to Wally World for a few things and she got ready for a date she heading to, at my house.  It was fun to be girly and chit chatty.  She’s so fun

*  Then I went to see Kitten and Peanut.  I saw him and chased after him and he ran into his mom’s room (Kitten) and I tackled him and wrapped my arms around him and smooched his face and told him I missed him, and he said “I missed you too”  and It was soooo cute.  He’s not like that with me all the time.  He’s normally a BOY, not a cuttee patotee.  =)  Loved it.  Kitten and I had some wine and talked about small stuff and important stuff, as always.

* When it got later I met up with Ginger and her date at Mongos for some last time singin’ before headin’ back to the East Coast.  I sang a couple times.  Including “A Whole New World” with Andy (guy at Mongos I’ve known for a few years) and I had Ginger call the MM and tell him what I was singing.

*  Got to see Joely, Shaun & Aja too!  Then it was home for sleep.  Saying my goodbyes to Ginger was hard.



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