Seventh day of Vacay, CA (or how to gain 15 pounds in 15 hours); 6/13/2011

Remember…I never finished all these vacation stories.  I have these notes, and because I don’t want to keep this in the “draft” section, I’m going to bullet point the rest of my vacation days from my June 2011 visit

* Shower and get REALLY pretty.

* Breakfast with Miranda at The Girls Restaurant.  She’s such a cutee with her bright green eyes.  And her poor broken car…haahahaha le sigh.  It was nice to have just her and me time.

* Boudoir photos with Jen. That’s why I had to get REALLY pretty. Yes, Boudoir.  Except I don’t do the lingerie thing, because I…dont’ do that…?  So I wore jeans and no top for some pics, and a mens button down shirt with just undies for other pics.  It was fun–I had Mimosas.

*  Then I drove up to Atascadero and had lunch with The Rosens.

* Then I drove over to see Nahnnah and Pete and their son, my nephew The Caper, Atreyu.  He bounced around when he saw me yelling out “AUNTIE FISHY!!!”  He calls me that because of Finding Nemo.  so freaking cute.  Pete made a really yummy …stew thing.  And this rice he made was stupid, and I begged him for how to make it, eventually he told me and I had to take pictures of ingredients…and I’ll probably have to text him, email him, or call him when I go to make it just so he can walk me through it.

*  Nahnnah and Atreyu bought ice cream for my visit.  It was THE BEST ice cream because it was Thrifty’s Mint n Chip.

* When it was Atreyu’s bed time he changed into his jammies, brushed his teeth then asked me to snuggle with him for a bit.  I love him.  Your damn right I’ll curl up with that little guy.  SO ADORABLE UUUGGGHHHH

* Stopped by and saw Kaza and had some Moscato, it was a very difficult bottle of wine to open, even with The Rabbit (a very special and important piece of technology designed to make bottle-opening a breeze).  But we got it open, and visited and drank it.  And she showed me clips from The Tony’s


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